Just Seeing You Makes My Day Happy

Just Seeing You Makes My Day Happy

Last update: 21 November, 2016

There are people who captivate and enchant our soul. Their faces have that emotional magnetism, like the surface of a transparent lake which is able to reflect the nobility of a good heart and empathy registered in their eyes. People who make you think: “Just seeing you makes my day happy.”

As the professor of psychiatry Enrique Rojas says, a personality is always shown on our faces because “the essence of the person resides on the face.” In addition, our brain is nourished on the foundations of social skills and emotions, and is sensed and influenced by those stern features or that friendly smile that envelops and reassures us.

There are turned off looks that convey resentment and bitterness. There are faces that offer distrust, but your face, your presence, the simplicity of your expressions, brightens my day. 

The purest, most sincere and most meaningful communication is not transmitted with words but with gestures. Each facial movement brews from the depths of our being. It reflects our emotional world and enables us to connect with those around us while we sometimes are not even aware of it. We invite you to reflect on this.

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Gestures transmit emotion

While we are used to hearing that “the face is the mirror of the soul“, it is necessary to clarify some more aspects that you will not only find interesting, but also useful. Paul Ekman, a psychology pioneer in the study of facial expressions of emotions, explains in one of his studies that faces can lie because the real excitement is conveyed in gestures.

According to Ekman, people are able to express up to 18 different kinds of smiles. The most genuine is called “Duchenne smile” (the mouth muscles contract, the corners of the mouth are raised, there is a contraction in the cheeks and wrinkles are produced around the eyes).

Smiles serve as “social lubricant”. However, not all smiles or faces seem sincere, no matter how attractive they are. Surely you yourself have experienced it once. There are small microgestures that, almost instinctively, cause us discomfort and mistrust.

As people, we also have our own stored “gestural experience.” The expressions of our parents, friends or former partners are stored in our brain with an emotional component of pleasure or displeasure.

All this will determine, almost instinctively, the way some people and their faces produce one kind of feeling or another in us. Our face is a whole book of complex gestures that others interpret according to their own experience.

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What makes my heart happy: the secret of positive relationships

Your child, with their resonant, toothless smile, brings cheer to your heart almost instantly. Your friends offer comfort, complicity and loyalty. Casually bumping into them causes your face to light up. There are faces that produce positive emotions because the bond we have with them is enriching and positive.

An honest answer is a sign of true friendship, a sincere look is the key that connects us forever in our hearts.

Although faces are evolutionarily designed to convey positive emotions, in order to socialize and connect within our closest personal circle, only a few people manage to establish a special connection with us.

Authentic pillars that build positive relationships

Now take note on how the bonds are created with those relationships that are the most significant to us. Emotional openness is the first step to establish the right “connection” with the person we love. Within this dimension would be the ability to establish a solid trust, provide recognition and the correct expression of emotions to strengthen and build bonds.

Empathy is the art of understanding and closeness. It facilitates communication, comfort and problem solving. It is an essential dimension that is not only transmitted through words. The look that we understand and sense is a wonderful way to embrace the other person in order to transmit an “I understand, I’m here with you.”

An attachment based on mutual trust and respect is the best way to build positive relationships. They are the bonds where the need to control, steal spaces, or demand continuous and obsessive attention does not exist.

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In conclusion, when you love or appreciate a person, you always search for their look. It is the mirror in which you see yourself because you feel equally valued and loved, and that makes you happy.

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