Intermittent Explosive Disorder: When Frustration Turns Into Aggression

Intermittent Explosive Disorder: When Frustration Turns Into Aggression

Last update: 16 May, 2017

Frustration is a universal emotion which we all experience. Just like all of the other emotions, such as fear or sadness, it is necessary. It is an indicator that something is going wrong and that we should change it. Also, like with the rest of our emotions, it can make us behave aggressively.

However, at this point we have to identify, within the emotional state of frustration, the degree of intensity with which it manifests itself. Also, the way in which it is regulated. Some people feel a disproportionate amount of frustration in comparison to its trigger. Furthermore, they respond to this frustration in an exaggerated manner with explosions of rage and aggressiveness. They suffer from intermittent explosive disorder.

“Rage is an acid which can cause more harm to the object that contains it than to the one it is pour on.”

We’re referring to a disorder in which the control over your impulses and your emotional regulation are affected. Also, we could say that it is characterized by two fundamental factors.

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