I Promise to Give You Love

Love is, more than a feeling, a decision. Therefore, to cultivate it requires commitment, determination and desire.
I Promise to Give You Love
Adriana Díez

Written and verified by the psychologist Adriana Díez.

Last update: 03 April, 2024

I promise to take care of you and make you smile. I promise to give you love, and I promise to never make you feel like you’re alone. I also promise to be near you, even if there are miles between us. I promise to take your hand every time you’re shaking and offer you a hug whenever you need it.

I want to give you love, and I want you to feel it and for it to melt your fears and doubts away. I want us to hold onto each other tight, no matter what might come, because my promise is to love you. I want to be beside you. I want you to feel close to me.

I promise to sing in a way that makes your laughter dance, and kiss away your hurts. I promise to make you forget that you used to be alone, and to make everything new when our eyes lock. I want to give you it all. I want to make you happy. If you’ll let me, I promise to try to do this every single day.

I won’t ask much else of you if you promise me the same thing. I won’t ask you to erase your past. It’s what makes you who you are, and I love you for that, because it’s you. I won’t ask you to lose yourself to become a “we.” But I still hope you’ll want me to be part of your “you.” 


You and I, and everything we create together

Two people together will always be more than one. Two people join to create something greater than the sum of their parts. We’ll never be just one plus one.

I promise to grow and bring things you want into myself. I promise to never let one part of the equation go missing. If you ever feel that way, just give me a nudge, because you know I’ll be here. It’s just that sometimes I like to hide so I can see you come around. I promise to do all of that if you choose to take my hand. We can do all the math later.

I think we’ve won, and it’s our turn now. I really want to promise you everything and be in love. I so want to give you love and know more about you. I want to squeeze you and get to know every little detail that makes you special. I want to know what you dream about, what you want, and where you want to run away to. Because if you let me, I’ll come with you.

A couple holding hands.

I promise to be myself

I’ll be myself every step of the way, even when you might not like it. I’ll keep on being me, and I’ll keep on doing things my way. Because even after loving myself, there’ll still be plenty of love left over.

So I promise to give it to you, wrapped up in a bow. Let me be the person who makes you laugh, the person who sleeps beside you. Let me be the person who listens to you and embraces you.

I promise to do all of that because you make me better. My eyes light up when I talk to you, and I just can’t pull them away from you. I promise to do it all because you’re always on my mind.

You’re always there reassuring me it will all be alright. You say that if we really try, we can go anywhere. If we respect each other, there will be no rush, and no doubts. Lastly, you say that if we love each other now, we’ll always be able to love — even more. 

I promise to give you love. I’ll untie anything holding you down, and set you free. We’ve already been tiptoeing around each other for too long. It’s time to enjoy our reward, and that’s why I want to promise all these things to you.

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