I Like My Silence Because it's Shared

What for some may be depressing, for others is a source of tranquility and a way to recharge. In these cases, sharing your silence can be a great way to get through your day.
I Like My Silence Because it's Shared

Last update: 01 September, 2021

“Less is more. The best language is silence. We live in a time of a terrible inflation of words, and it is worse than the inflation of money.”

-Eduardo Galeano-

Have you ever stopped to listen to your own silence? Or to someone else’s?

What happens when you feel no desire to speak, or no desire to answer? What if you just want to keep quiet and listen, so that someone else can speak for you and ask the questions?

Communicate quietly

Silence isn’t always negative.

Silence is never empty. It’s also true that silence is the loudest of sounds, but the most difficult to hear, understand, and explain.

Silence is capable of saying more than a hundred words. However, it always requires mindfulness.

We all know the sensation well when our lips don’t move but we listen to ourselves as if we’re speaking.

At these times you’re communicating in silence. You let your eyes speak for you as you want to avoid the noisiness of the everyday. Alternatively, maybe you’re an introvert and you find the best way of expressing yourself is through silence.

Shared silence knows best

We’re all capable of listening to silence. In fact, we can choose to pay attention to it or avoid it. As a matter of fact, sometimes, we don’t want to waste a second listening to another person’s empty words.

However, you tend to think, although it’s not true, that only when silence is your own is it easier or more difficult to manage. Nevertheless, great relationships can emerge in your life thanks to the complicity of silence. By understanding that your silence and the other person’s silence are just as important as each other.

Silence, shared, feels better

“True friendship exists when silence between two people is comfortable.”

-Nicholas Sparks-

In life, sharing means gaining complicity and affection. It’s born from perseverance, from a mixture of sadness and joy. Silence sometimes serves as a connector, sometimes as a space, and sometimes as a form of communication. 

There are times when the silence of another can make you happy. On the other hand, sometimes, it can make you cry. There are circumstances in which your silence becomes too great for you and another person comes along to help you grow within it.

Silence is the best place where you can get to know each other. It’s where you find confidence in yourself. In fact, it’s a place that gives you both company and solitude at the same time.

It takes courage, effort, solidarity, and a lack of selfishness to try, at least, to feel the silence of another.

Ell silence our previous refuge

Silence, in cases of friendship, is capable of leaving you speechless or making you laugh. It can be the most beautiful or the saddest of feelings, the one that listens to you or the one that you listen to, the one that agrees with you or pulls away from you.

“Blessed are those who do not speak because they understand each other.”

-MJ de Larra-

Silence is, above all, a refuge for your dreams and emotions, even if it sometimes screams and roars.

You have the power to share it with the people around you and they’re able to feel it too. When this happens, you’re assured of a conversation without words.

It’s through the eyes that silence is shown, it’s through trust and tenacity that it’s listened to and it’s through friendship that it manages to change from its worst state to a better one. The rewarding thing is achieving it.

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