I Am the Love of My Life

I Am the Love of My Life

Last update: 29 March, 2022

After many ups and downs, after feeling like a drifting boat, after storms of love have passed, after yearning to find the love of my life, I’ve finally found it…

The love of my life is me. I’ve learned to love myself, to take care of myself, to respect myself; I’ve learned to talk to myself about my mistakes and forgive myself without hard feelings.

This is why I think I’ve found the perfect partner: myself. And I say that not to be pretentious, but just as a way to explain to myself that I have a nice, stable, healthy relationship with the deepest part of my being.

Because I am my own soulmate, and I don’t need “my other half” to feel complete, because each one of us is already complete if we achieve peace and happiness with ourselves and with what we do, without needing to seek love or approval from someone else.

“We all know that self-esteem  comes from what you think about yourself,  not what other people think of you.”
-Gloria Gaynor-

Because I don’t need to make myself look beautiful so that someone will fall in love with me anymore; because now I do myself up, sure, but it’s for myself, and if someone fixes their gaze on me, well, all the better, as long as we’d make each other happy, without hiding anything or playing games. Do you want to be happy, to continue on the long journey that is life, with me? Yes? Well, me too…

hands in the air

Above all else, we have to be sure of ourselves and love ourselves, flaws as well as virtues; it doesn’t matter if we’re the most beautiful or the most intelligent, or have the most charisma.

Every person is unique and irreplaceable, and that’s where our greatness lies. That’s why we should improve ourselves, both on the inside and on the outside; trying to look attractive isn’t bad as long as we don’t do it because we’re obsessed with wanting everyone to like us, or because we’re insecure about whether we’re worth enough, an insecurity which is supported by complexes that make us focus all our attention on them and forget about everything that’s good about us.

Enough is enough! Be happy with the way you are and you’ll reflect that and carry it with you throughout the world like a flag. Here’s a good example from a Spanish TV show:

i love me

In the beginning of her career, Laura Pausini was so timid and was always wearing this frock coat. Recently, the same woman said, through her laughter, “when I started, my managers wanted to accentuate my hips and my ass with those horrible coats…Long live the ass!” And she naturally and genuinely she confesses this, which prompts lots of applause from an audience that loves her. Why is that?

Because she’s friendly, charismatic, genuine, and talkative. She doesn’t need to have the perfect ass or the perfect face to be a profoundly attractive, captivating woman. She’s happy just the way she is, and the public sees that. So, why don’t we all do the same? We’re not even watched by the whole world every day like she and so many other celebrities are.

Why is Joaquín Sabina is the most attractive man in the world? Well, as he says, “I’m not at all. I’m more than that!” He’s been with, and will continue to get with, tons of women because he knows how to love himself just the way he is, and that captivates people.

So, why don’t we all start to be the love of our lives, to love ourselves and be happy with the way we are?

Dare to try it?

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