How to Strengthen Your Relationship during Confinement

The confinement that you may be experiencing these days can greatly affect your relationship with your partner. In this article, we share some valuable advice that may help strengthen your relationship during confinement.
How to Strengthen Your Relationship during Confinement

Last update: 28 May, 2020

Living with a partner can sometimes be difficult, especially in certain specific situations. When one or both partners are under stress, or there’s a change in routine, the relationship can be affected. Therefore, here are some keys to help you strengthen your relationship during confinement.

Currently, we’re living in exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus crisis and most of us have to stay at home, without knowing how long that confinement will last. Many people weren’t prepared for this unexpected situation.

The uncertainty that this situation generates, and spending all your time together at home, can lead to cohabitation crises. However, even though these conditions are so unusual, the ideal goal would be to strengthen cohabitation strategies that would also be recommended at any other time.

A couple having a conversation.

Confinement as a couple

There are certain common cohabitation problems. However, during confinement, one of the aspects that can most affect you is the physical space available to you.

In all likelihood, couples who live in a big house won’t have the same conflicts that can occur between a couple who live in a small apartment. Living in a smaller house can aggravate the feeling of being trapped, thus complicating stress management.

In addition, many couples are, and will be, affected by financial problems. Given the circumstances, many are losing their jobs or receiving lower wages. Financial worries are always a source of stress that, when added to the general distress, can eat away at your mental and emotional resources.

Another issue that can affect a couple during confinement is their sex life. Many have said that this situation will lead to a baby boom, while others hypothesize that sex lives will worsen.

On one hand, the fear of contagion can lead to physical distancing, as well as not being relaxed enough to have an open and active sex life. On the other hand, a partner may not be in a position to do so discreetly because they have children in the house or other relatives to care for.

Keys to help you strengthen your relationship during confinement

Above all, you must try not to change your routine any more than you have to. It’s important for you to continue doing the same activities, together or separately, as far as possible.

The key factors that will help you alter things as little as possible in this situation are trying to stay organized and being patient and flexible. If you add a good disposition to that, there’ll be nothing to worry about.

Be pragmatic

If a problem arises, you must choose to remain calm and look for ways to solve it. It’s time to be pragmatic and practical. Attacking the other person rather than tackling the problem won’t help at all. If something is bothering one of you, then say so in a calm way without letting too much time pass.


More than ever before, you must accept that your partner isn’t perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. If a conflict arises, then the guilty party should accept the responsibility and, most importantly, apologize to the other person and try to avoid doing it again.

Maintain communication

It’s important, as well as rewarding, for you to take time out of your day to simply talk. Ask your partner how they’re feeling and how they’re dealing with the situation.

This way, you can help each other through these difficult times. You can also take advantage of the situation to talk about things that you usually don’t talk about or to try to discover something new about each other.

Spend time on your own

In a relationship, it’s fundamental for each person to have their own space. The advantage here is that, as well as doing something you like and enjoying yourself, when you spend time with your partner again, you’ll be more relaxed.

During confinement, one option might be to spend some time each day in separate rooms or spend some time alone in one specific area of the house. It’s an ideal time to disconnect by reading, talking to other people, or simply relaxing.

Maintain a certain routine

During the time spent together in confinement, it’s very beneficial to have certain joint habits. This will maintain a sense of togetherness and lead to intimate conversations or moments that may not occur at other times.

Therefore, in these circumstances, the couple could decide to lie down together or set a time of the day to watch TV or play a game.

A couple watching a film.

Keep the spark alive

You’ll have to work hard to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. Smile, show concern for those around you, and look after each other. Really making an effort can make a difference.

In addition to this, you should show the other person that you appreciate them on a daily basis. Tell them how attractive they are and show them affection. To do this, it’s essential to surprise your partner with a hug or a kiss.

When it’s over

Once the contagion begins to die down, we’ll return to normal and there’ll be another change in routine. Therefore, life as a couple during confinement, besides testing your relationship, can also be an opportunity to apply strategies to strengthen your relationship for the future.

Undoubtedly, extreme situations like this will never leave anyone indifferent or unchanged. That’s why this crisis can be a golden opportunity to strengthen your relationship during confinement and rediscover the things that you may have taken for granted during your daily routine.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.