A Woman's Life Begins at Fifty!

A Woman's Life Begins at Fifty!

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Up until just a couple of decades ago, women in their fifties were seen as sweet grandmothers. At that age they were supposed to be preparing their imminent retirement from working life and their love life, whatever state it was in, was now a closed subject.
One of the most significant cultural changes in recent years is how roles have changed according to age. And this has been reflected especially in women. In times gone by, for example, it was not uncommon for 18-year-old girls to be married. These days, however, most women of that age do not have short-term marriage plans.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether they be twenty or eighty. He who continues to learn is still young. “
Henry Ford-

The same has happened with middle-aged women. Fifty is no longer the age to “get off the motorway”. Quite the opposite. What we can see is that many women take advantage of this decade of their lives to take stock and spice up their lives with new experiences that had previously remained on the back burner, mainly for lack of time.

It is known, for example, that there is a growing number of 50-year-old women who divorce. Also, the number of women who start a company or a new business at that age is high. Far from feeling that everything is over, many women at this age point to a new beginning.

Women in middle age

Middle age is a time of great change, in many different ways. The biological clock indicates that the fertility cycle is over. The skin is not as smooth as before and you discover that the laughter lines don’t go away, even when you are serious. You can’t eat a slice of pizza at midnight anymore, if you don’t want to have unpleasant awakening in the middle of the night.

Physical changes bring with them times of profound instability. Women at this age have to get used to living in a new body and it is not always easy. They also have to accept that the standards by which they evaluate their attractiveness must also change. Some never accept it and still try to bring back the 20 year old girl they once were.

Reaching fifty is also a milestone for a woman to take stock and assess her life. She has acquired considerable experience and maturity, and yet at the same time, she still has great vitality. Life starts to make little announcements to show that the “eclipse” is looming. That is why it is time for many women to make important decisions that they had previously postponed.

The perspective on love and partners is now very different. Love is a calmer affair. Fifty-year-olds now feel more capable of letting go and moving on. That is why their relationships are freer and healthier. There is more realism and the expectations about love are viewed on a different scale.

The job role at a wonderful age

Some of these women have had children and had to spend their time balancing work and the raising of the children. Many felt that both were left half done. At this age it is usually the case that the job of raising children has now finished. Children are now seen as independent people, who do not need maternal guidance in their lives.

Most 50-year-old women are either working, or have some sort of working role. Having now raised their children, they often turn their eyes to their job. A job that they may have considered a hindrance in the past, but which now becomes a fundamental factor. They often discover new motivations or goals. Many at this age decide to go to college or enrol on courses that are of interest to them.

Reaching fifty is the start of a great decade for finding new challenges at work. Their work experience may be considerable and many feel that it is time to move on to the next stage. They may start their own business, or refocus their professional life. This is a great time to do it.

Some learn to live in a different way, looking for a better quality of life. It is a favourable time for this. Others succumb to a useless nostalgia, yearning for the years that have gone and will never return, and this may cause some depression in their lives. But all these girls in their fifties certainly have the necessary tools to put things in order and enjoy a time of their life which can be better in every way imaginable.


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