Helping a Sad Person Feel Better

It isn't always easy to help a sad person feel better. It's an act that requires sensitivity and precision. Furthermore, it may be that they actually need to feel sad at this particular time.
Helping a Sad Person Feel Better
Marián Carrero Puerto

Written and verified by the psychologist Marián Carrero Puerto.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

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If they don’t want your help

It’s worth noting that not everyone wants to be helped when they’re feeling sad or distressed. In fact, some prefer to be left alone and not be seen in that particular state. They may be ashamed for feeling weak or helpless, or for being so dependent on others.

They may even take pride in never showing any negative emotions, always preferring to put on a brave face. However, the fact that someone is extremely reserved in expressing their feelings doesn’t make these emotions any less intense or even disabling. Indeed, as we already mentioned, there are many social prejudices in this regard, such as the idea that ‘men don’t cry’.

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To help your partner overcome grief, you must first try to understand them and their experience by putting yourself in their place.

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