Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

December 16, 2016

The Latin saying “mens sana in corpore sano,” which translates to “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” is more relevant now than ever. New studies have tackled this subject, concluding that the duration and intensity of physical activity can undoubtedly improve cognitive agility.

Maren Schmidt-Kassow, professor at the Institute of Medical Psychology of Goethe University Frankfurt, stated that the beneficial effect is probably related to the intensity of exercise. “A lightly intensive activity would involve low but notable levels of psychological excitation, which would help to prepare the brain for the entry of new information and the coding of said information into memory.” On the other hand, an exercise that’s too vigorous can stimulate the body and the brain too much, monopolizing all sources of mental attention and leaving little energy for the creation of solid memories. Therefore, it’s ideal to exercise lightly to improve one’s capacity for learning and memory.

“The sound body is the product of the sound mind.”

-George Bernard Shaw-

A healthy mind can help you maintain a healthy body

Health is holistic, which is why you can’t neglect any of the aspects that form a part of the concept of health (physical, emotional, and mental). Someone who wants to take care of their health will need a strong and consistent mentality so that exercise becomes a habit and so they can feel well in all aspects of their life. Working daily on this mental strength will give them more possibilities to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Achieving a state of mental well-being and balance can help us generate the energy we need to be more steadfast in our goals, making it easier to have a healthy body. One’s mental health and attitude are key factors to having greater resistance, strength, and productivity.

Doing a routine of mental exercises in the early morning, the most peaceful and silent time of day, is ideal for starting to plan the day and strengthen the brain to increase mental agility. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the higher one’s mental agility and stability, the more likely they are to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

Pushing on even when you think you can’t keep going is what sets you apart from other people.

Habits to maintain a healthy mind

How many times have you blamed a lack of time for not starting to take care of yourself? It’s true that the frenetic rhythm of the lives we live makes it difficult to take care of ourselves the way we should, but taking care of ourselves should be an obligation, a priority.

In order to maintain a healthy mind, social support and being able to integrate yourself in any group you identify with are fundamental. According to many neuroscientists, love is one of the most important activities for the mind, which involves intellectual understanding and emotional availability, among other things.

Physical activity, another important habit for maintaining a healthy mind, stimulates the production of substances that promote psychological well-being, like endorphins, which are hormones related to feeling pleasure. To cultivate a healthy mind, the best thing you can do is exercise in the fresh air, combining exposure to sunlight with contact with nature and other people.

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And finally, sleeping well is essential for maintaining and balancing brain functions. While you sleep, in addition to the areas that were activated during the day, the brain has the opportunity to activate other underused areas, and it is thought that this helps to balance the functions of the mind.

With a simple daily routine, you’ll be able to motivate yourself and achieve overall health, which will be reflected in all areas of wellness.

Exercise doesn’t only change your body; it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.


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