The Fours Laws of Spirituality

November 16, 2015

They say there’s a brief moment in life, when you feel more lost than ever, when an encounter occurs. An encounter with yourself, with your depths, fears and soul.

They say that if you experience this kind of transformative moment, it’s not by chance. It’s because there is something you need to understand.

Spirituality goes beyond the material and earthly. It is not a religion or a doctrine. Spirituality is to take care of ourselves. To let our hearts jump over the chasms that our minds create and cultivate our values humbly.

These are the four laws of spirituality from Hindu philosophy:

1. Every person that comes into your life is the right person.

“Every person that comes into our lives is unique. They always leave a piece of themselves behind and take a piece of us with them. Some will take a lot with them, but no one will go by without leaving something behind. This is clear proof that two souls don’t find each other by chance.”
Jorge Luis Borges

No one enters your life by chance. Everyone around you is there for a reason, even toxic people. With each exchange and every moment, we all contribute to each other in some way.

We live in a world of grays, nothing is black or white. We’re not always teachers or always students. Each one of us provides something positive, even if it is through a negative trait. For example, something that we can’t handle or harms us.


We are always flashlights in the darkness. Some people are more representative than others. But all of us have something to say, no exceptions. In time, we learn to be grateful for the stones we tripped over along the way. Those who complicate our lives or those who support us loyally all have something to teach us. 

Everything, absolutely everything, adds up in life. That’s why we should maintain a positive outlook towards others and not underestimate any lesson.

2. What happened is the only thing that could have happened.

Nothing that happens in our lives could have happened a different way. What happens to us is the only thing that should happen to us. It’s the right thing at the right time, and it is from this that we should extract a specific meaning.

We have the habit of thinking about what could’ve happened. The habit of creating hypothetical situations in which we acted a different way and, therefore, obtained different results.


Each change causes unpredictable situations. Therefore we should accept that whatever happened is already in the past. There are no other possibilities. Each one of our actions creates a ripple effect around us that determines our path.

Let’s not worry ourselves over what we could have done differently. There’s a time and a place for everything. And a certain amount of time is needed to learn each necessary lesson. As they say, you have to crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. You can’t skip the necessary steps in life.

3. Whenever something begins is the right moment for it to begin.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.

Everything always starts in the right moment, not sooner or later. The new things in our lives appear because we draw them to us, and because we’re prepared to observe and enjoy them. Understanding this, accept that when life puts something new in our path, we should enjoy it.


4. When something is over, it’s over.

Let it go. Don’t cling to anything or anyone. Everything in your life has its moment and reasons for being.

We tend to be tied to an endless number of stories and emotions. Saying goodbye hurts. But when something ends, keeping it with us is just an exercise in masochism. It generates a great discomfort and many dependencies and insecurities.

Moving forward is the best option in order to enrich your life and avoid suffering. Remember that the most impressionable person you interact with every day is you. Be careful with what you tell yourself and just flow along with life.