Four Negative Attitudes to Avoid in the Workplace

Discover the four negative attitudes to avoid in the workplace, plus some positive ones to counteract them.
Four Negative Attitudes to Avoid in the Workplace

Last update: 27 May, 2020

In this article, we’ll be looking at four negative attitudes you should avoid at work, attitudes that will directly affect your performance and a good team spirit in the workplace. We’ll also look at some attitudes and qualities that will have a very positive effect on you and your colleagues.

Four negative attitudes to avoid at work

These are the four negative work attitudes you should avoid at work:

  • Pride
  • Arrogance
  • Self-importance
  • Stubbornness
An angry woman at work.


Pride isn’t exactly an attitude that generates too much sympathy. In fact, people who think they’re superior to others tend to be rejected by those around them.

Even if they try to hide it with false humility, they’ll always end up showing their true colors, and false humility is an even more odious characteristic.


In behavioral terms, perhaps the attitude that stands out the most here is systematic contempt for other people’s arguments and opinions. There’s also a link here with pride – the first attitude we discussed.


This is also quite similar to the previous two negative attitudes. In fact, we could see self-importance as a manifestation or consequence of arrogance.

This is someone who thinks they’re better than others and their arrogance means that they don’t take any notice of what others have to say.


This negative attitude refers to people who find it difficult, or refuse, to change their views or opinions.

In the workplace, these are the people who only consider their opinions and ideas valid. However, people always work much better together when they listen to other people’s opinions and ideas.

A meeting at work.

Positive attitudes to nullify negative attitudes

Having a good working environment is something that (nearly) everyone appreciates. Many positive work attitudes can counteract and nullify the four negative work attitudes that we’ve mentioned.

Resolving conflicts and problems

Knowing how to react to any possible problems that may arise in your workplace is a real asset, not only for your company but also for yourself.

Creativity and initiative

There are times when you don’t share the ideas you come up with, for fear of what others will say. However, creativity and initiative are two highly-prized attitudes in many companies.


This is, without a doubt, one of the most valued abilities when working in any company. Job interviewers often test a candidate’s attitude to teamwork to see how they would get along working with others in their company. Knowing how to work well with other people and form part of a team to get the job done is a very positive asset for any company.

Tolerance to criticism

Criticism doesn’t usually sit well with people. It’s not very pleasant when someone from the outside comes along and questions your work. However, on many occasions, their comments can be constructive and could actually help you to do your work more effectively.


Sometimes, you’ll be able to make changes in your work environment in accord with your wishes. However, on other occasions, these changes won’t be possible and you’ll have to adapt to the situation.


Planning, and doing it well, is one of the skills that can best help to reduce stress in the work environment. It’s an ability that can help us to establish a good list of priorities and then use them to make appropriate decisions at the right time. Correctly using a work diary and following it will save a lot of time and resources.

Therefore, in summary, you’ve seen how negative work attitudes can affect the workplace, but you’ve also seen how you can have a positive effect on all those around you too. Make it your New Year resolution to put them into practice!

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