Five Types of Meditation and their Benefits

Discover five types of meditation in this article!
Five Types of Meditation and their Benefits

Last update: 10 September, 2020

People can meditate in different ways, as there are many different types of meditation.

Meditating is like praying or reflecting. It’s often practiced in silence. Nowadays, the definition of meditation is broader since it includes non-religious practices. It’s simply a personal and intimate moment of reflection.

Types of meditation

Depending on your goal, a certain type of meditation will be better for you than another. Although it’s hard to identify the exact number of types that exist, here we’ll share some of the main ones.

A woman meditating.

Buddhist meditation

Buddha himself suggested getting closer to nature in order to meditate, to sit on the floor or on a zafu cushion in a quiet place in nature. This type of meditation seeks to achieve a state of focus and tranquility.

Although there are many types of Buddhist meditation, they all share a common goal: to achieve enlightenment and nirvana.

Zen or Zazen meditation

This type of meditation is a minimalist principle that makes peace a tangible possibility.

In Zen meditation, posture and breathing are very important. You must sit completely straight on a chair, cushion, or bench. Your legs should be crossed and you should place one hand on top of the other. Finally, you must start breathing deeply.

Although it seems simple, Zen meditation is actually tricky because it demands total control over your body and mind.

Transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation isn’t religious nor does it demand a concrete posture, mental state, or mantra. It’s simply about staying calm for a period of time. People who practice TM usually do it twice a day.

A woman breathing deeply while meditating.

Vipassanā meditation

This is one of the most ancient meditation techniques. Those who practice it see it as a self-purifying process which requires you to focus on your breathing and your body, with the aim of understanding the universal truths of impermanence, suffering, and non-self.

Taoist meditation

The goal of Taoist meditation is to make you feel all the energy stored in your body.

Other types of meditation

Guided meditation

You can find many guided meditations on social media and platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. They consist of having the presence of a spiritual guide. In fact, this person will help you overcome the difficulties of meditation, especially if you’re a beginner.

Mindfulness meditation

This type of modern meditation focuses on consciousness and concentration.

A woman meditating on grass, trying new types of meditation.

Yoga meditation

A good part of yoga practices involve, start, or end with meditation, as it’s a great complement to any yoga session. It helps reach a peaceful state, which is incredibly beneficial in the practice of asanas. 

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