Every Disappointment Is Eventually Forgotten

Every Disappointment Is Eventually Forgotten

Last update: 28 July, 2022

It’s getting harder and harder to believe in people. It’s so difficult to believe in certain feelings that seem so real while they last, and then suddenly seem to transform. The price to pay for disappointment is disillusion. Especially because at one point you put your whole soul out there, thinking that someone else could fill it with life.

But then, and it happens over and over again, that which you thought would never change, changes. Then, that person which you trusted blindly shows you that they aren’t infallible, and that you didn’t see things very clearly. In fact, you realize that disappointment is the result of that blindness. It’s the consequence of expecting too much sparkle from others and forgetting your own.

First the enthusiasm and trust

Over time you realize that disappointments can be multiple, with the same people or with different ones. Also, they depend on the relationships and the severity of the situation. For example, there are disappointments that hurt, but don’t break you. And other disappointments hurt so badly that they only leave enough room for a farewell. 

The truth is that we are rational, yet emotional, human beings. Our mind controls our steps. Yet, it is our sensibility, empathy and love that decide in which direction those steps are taken. That’s why we get excited over the new people we meet. We choose to trust them or not. And if we do, we construct the foundation of a relationship with them filled with expectations.

As the trust becomes greater, the demand for it to be reciprocal also increases. That’s how close social circles are made. Within these there is no room to think that someone is going to fail or disappoint you.


A possible disappointment

However, a time comes when enthusiasm and trust lessen in some way. If you have experienced suffering in more than one occasion or the blow was particularly hard, the possibility of a new disappointment sparks fear and lack of enthusiasm about trying again.

When a person disappoints someone, a bond that seemed inalterable is broken. Also, the disappointed party feels hurt and disoriented. In fact, if the mistake that was made has no solution, you go into a slow process of reconstructing your self-esteem and values that will greatly depend on each person’s personality.

“Disappointment should be categorized as a weapon;
it can easily go through a heart.”

After betrayals and disappointments, you can come out a braver and less naive version of yourself. A disappointment is a turning point that forces you to take control of the situation in order to come out with your head held high and a heart full of strength.

Forgiving in order to forget and move on

Regardless, we must say that each disappointment is eventually forgotten, even if it has to go through the filter of forgiveness first. It happens when enough respite is given so that you can heal the pain and come out strengthened by the experience. It’s about accepting, letting things go and moving forward with a lesson from your suffering.


In the face of difficult obstacles like disappointments, it’s beneficial to act in favor and for yourself. Vent if you need to, go out with other friends to confirm to yourself that believing in people is still worthwhile. Occupy your mind with activities that distract you, take advantage of this time to get to know yourself better. Learn what you are capable of and understand that each stage and phase has its own moment and time.

“The hardest thing
is to manage
to make what has left
go away completely.”

You need to give yourself the chance to forgive, thinking about your personal well-being. Disappointments are not fair for anyone, but they show us the more human side of mistakes in order to learn from them.

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