Enthusiastic People: Traits and Values

Would you like to be more enthusiastic about life? Do you admire people who have that certain zest for life? Keep reading to learn more about them and how you can become more enthusiastic!
Enthusiastic People: Traits and Values

Last update: 29 March, 2019

Some people are just irresistible. They’re the kind of people you feel completely at ease with, and they never seem to be making much of an effort. The common denominator of these people is enthusiasm. Do you want to be one of those people? Keep reading to learn more about what enthusiastic people are like and how to be an enthusiastic person yourself.

Being enthusiastic means showing interest in the things that you do and getting pleasure from them. It means having an active and motivated attitude instead of a passive one. Enthusiasm means having a good attitude and getting satisfaction from getting things done and pursuing your dreams.

What are enthusiastic people like?

Enthusiastic people feel passionate about life, about knowledge, and about work. They do everything with a good attitude and good energy. They get satisfaction from what they do because they enjoy doing it.

Enthusiastic people are responsible, but they also find time to have fun at work and in everything they do. Enthusiastic people make important contributions to those around them, which is also satisfying. They focus their talent on everything that they like, they follow their dreams, and they distance themselves from toxic environments.

Another trait of enthusiastic people is their determination to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of their goals. The best thing about enthusiastic people is that they spread enthusiasm to everyone around them.

Enthusiastic people at sunrise.

What are the traits and values of an enthusiastic person?

Walter Chrysler, the famous businessman, once said: “The real secret of success is enthusiasm.” Let’s look at some of the traits and values that define these successful, enthusiastic people.

They feel enthusiastic

This kind of people feel alive and enjoy the present moment. They feel worthy and valid and that helps them develop great self-confidence.

They make decisions

Enthusiastic people don’t let other people influence their decisions. They have clear ideas and they make decisions based on how they want to live and what they want to achieve.

People like this get rid of bad company and surround themselves with good people. They recognize what’s important and what isn’t relevant.

They are creative

The enthusiasm that they feel translates into creative energy. They create and express their feelings. Their energy and creativity are infectious, and everyone around them finds it easier to fulfill their potential.

They accept risks and don’t let fear stop them

We all have fears, but if you let fear win, you’ll get stuck. You’ll be paralyzed and you won’t move forward in life. Enthusiastic people feel fear, but they face it, evaluate the risks, and make plans. They often leave their comfort zone to fulfill their goals.

They have faith in themselves

Enthusiastic people value their skills and abilities and are aware of their weaknesses. As a result, they believe in their abilities and know how to enhance their talent and skillfully choose how much risk they should take on.

They work hard to get what they want

Enthusiastic people know that if they want to be successful, they have to work very hard. Success doesn’t fall from the sky, so they make their plan and work on it. However, they are also open to other opinions and positive contributions that help them do what they set out to do.

An enthusiastic guy at work.

How to be an enthusiastic person

“Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit.”

-Gordon Parks-

Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. So how can you have it in your own life? Enthusiastic people apply the following principles to their lives:

  • The brain quickly becomes used to noticing the negative aspects of events and situations. Consequently, it’s very important to drop your habit of complaining and substitute it for finding the positive side of everything. This is the very best way to start.
  • Act objectively and realistically.
  • Let go of pessimism.
  • Work on your emotional abilities.
  • Avoid toxic people who cause conflict. Surround yourself with people interested in personal growth.

If you try to incorporate these values and habits into your own life, you’ll start to see positive changes. There’s no time like the present, so why not start today?

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