Emotional Abuse Wounds Your Soul

October 3, 2017

There is abuse that leave no physical marks on your skin but does leave emotional wounds on your soul, open wounds that are difficult to heal. These are situations where one person dominates the other and where contempt, ignorance or criticism are the main elements of the relationship.

A word, a gesture or just a silence can be enough to send a dagger straight to our heart. A heart gradually failing and weakening, being numbed with the imminent possibility of a revolt by the other person, the fear and the guilt have been established…

 Emotional abuse is a process of psychological destruction where the emotional strength of a person is completely violated.

Seduce and trap

Emotional abuse is a very present reality in the days we live in that do not recognise age, sex or social status. We can all be victims of this situation at any time in our lives, whether with a lover, our family or even at work.

The peril of such abuse is in its consequences and its ability to go unnoticed. Emotional abuse is a silent process that, when it comes to the fore, has already been going on for a long time, having devastating consequences for the person who has been the victim.
Its beginning is slow and silent, exerted by an apparently charming person who has the the aim of seducing his victims in order to trap them, especially in the scenario of a couple. In this way, the reality that the abuser displays is a false reality, full of promises and desires that will never come true.

The abuser prepares the ground so that the other person falls into his trap bit by bit until he finally manages to exert his evil influence to dominate the other person and deprive them of any possible freedom.

The power of the mental prison

Emotional abuse is a powerful poison that destroys the person’s identity, robbing him of his emotional strength. It is fed indirectly, seeping in through the holes in their lives, letting in the insinuations and suggestions that seek to blame and install doubt in the victims.

The victim of emotional abuse is trapped in a mental prison of disability and insecurity in which their self-esteem gradually weakens.

And thus, when the victim has already been trapped, the abuser begins to reveal what he’s really like through scorn, criticism, insults or even silences. Therefore, the marks of this abuse is not physical and there are no visible wounds on the victim’s skin, because emotional abuse is exercised through words, silences or gestures.

So much is the damage inflicted in these situations that the fear makes you feel there is no way of escape. The mental prison is so strong that the victim enters a deeply helpless situation, which he can not imagine getting out of.

Abuse and the invisible wounds on the soul

The wounds of emotional abuse are deep wounds that reach as far as the innermost part of the victim. They are not seen or heard, but are terribly felt by the person who suffers them. The wounds are hidden from others, but deeply painful to the person who is experiencing them.

The wounds of emotional abuse create a deep hole in the person’s self-esteem by breaking all positive self-appraisal.

They are wounds that originate through the contempt and disparaging comments that the abuser has directed towards the victim. Invisible wounds, rooted in fear, guilt and doubt that snatch away the belief of any possibility of trying to free themselves from the situation the victim finds themselves in.

These wounds bleed not only in each encounter, but also in the expectation that they may occur. The important thing is that the person does not give up on the possibility of getting out of the situation he or she is in and that he takes into account that these wounds can be healed with help.

How to heal the marks of emotional abuse in the soul?

In these cases, the most important thing is that the victim identifies the situation he is trapped in, in which he is burdened with all the blame and guilt that the abuser has convinced him of. Therefore, becoming aware that we are in a process of emotional abuse is the first step to be able to free ourselves.

Once we know how deep we are in, restoring the contact with our loved ones and leaning on them for support, so that they can help us out of this situation, will help us to move forward. Little by little, with their gestures of love and affection, they can fill some of the voids that have opened up within us.

In addition, seeking help from a specialized professional will help us begin to rebuild our identity and self-esteem, to repair all those invisible emotional wounds that filled our interior. That way we can find ourselves again.

Repairing the marks of emotional abuse in our soul will not be a simple and quick process, but rather complex and slow. However, the satisfaction of finding ourselves again will always make it worth it.

Finally, let us not forget that each one of us can also cause injuries in other people’s souls when we despise, ignore or criticize others without reaching the extremes of emotional abuse. Our words and our gestures are a double-edged sword that must be safeguarded…