Eight Sex Games to Rekindle the Passion in Your Life

Sex games allow you to try new things with your partner. Furthermore, they could help you rekindle the passion in your relationship. Here are eight games you should try!
Eight Sex Games to Rekindle the Passion in Your Life

Last update: 29 March, 2021

Can sex games help you rekindle your passion in your relationship? Have you ever tried any? You should, as they’re fun and passionate ways for you to experiment with your partner. In this article, we’ll share eight sex games for you to try.

Before talking about specific sex games, here are some fascinating facts. During the recent lockdown, the sale of sex toys like the Satisfyer increased by 200 percent. The Sexplace portal conducted a survey that revealed that, during this time, three out of five people practiced sexting. It consists of sending erotic messages, photos, or videos.

Your sexual practices depend upon you and your partner’s availability, among other variables. This is why people now have to resort to technology. However, if you’re able to enjoy your partner in person and want to rekindle some of that lost passion, you should try the following sex games.

You can play some of them during the preliminary stages of your sexual encounters. These are ideal for setting the scene and enhancing the passion between the two of you. Furthermore, the most important thing is to forget your inhibitions and just let yourself get carried away.

A couple having sex.

Eight sex games for you to try

The time bomb

This activity will increase your sexual desire. Firstly, set a timer for a certain period, say 20 minutes, for example.

Then, perform any act except penetration for those 20 minutes. This means you can indulge in kisses, caresses, or anything else. Simply avoid penetration to leave the best for last!

Naughty messages

Take two jars. In one jar, place notes with suggestive verbs written on them. For example, suck, bite, taste, etc. In the other jar, place notes with body parts written on them. For instance, breasts, hands, lips, etc. Then, take a paper out of each jar and follow the instructions!

Pillow fight

Each partner should undress and hold a pillow. This game consists of a pillow fight, allowing you to increase your contact with each other, and probably your desire as well. Furthermore, it’s a game where you’ll probably laugh a lot, as you tickle and bite each other.

Strip poker

You can actually choose any card game. It doesn’t have to be poker.

You take bets and whoever loses has to take off a garment. The idea is to gradually both get naked and enjoy yourselves!

Body painting

Paint each other’s bodies with body paint. It isn’t about creating great art but just experimenting and letting yourselves get carried away. You can use various utensils, different kinds of brushes, and scented paints, for example.

Simply focus on the sensations you’re feeling. When you finish, sit back and enjoy your artwork on your partner’s body.

Dress up

This is quite a well-known sexual game that stimulates you visually as well as mentally. You can try dressing up as each other’s favorite fantasy characters. Or you might prefer specific professions or other types of character to dress up as. When you really get into the role and start acting it out, it can be really exciting.

You could also try surprising your partner. Think of your own favorite fantasy and buy the costume. Accompany it with sensual music and a relaxing atmosphere!

Erotic massage

Experimenting with your body lets you create mental fantasies. A good erotic massage is an ideal stimulant to rekindle desire and passion. This is ideal for foreplay. Create a suitable environment with music, candles, or incense. Then, massage your partner.

You can also use body oils. In fact, there’s a wide range of aphrodisiac oils available on the market. Simply don’t rush. Enjoy your partner’s body and all the sensations. Furthermore, you can combine slow and sensual massages with more stimulating ones.

A woman massaging a man.

Hot or cold?

This is one of the most exciting sex games. It’s actually a different kind of oral sex. Place an ice cube in your mouth. Then, drink a hot drink so your mouth feels both hot and cold. After that, perform oral sex on your partner.

Sex games: passion and confidence

To really enjoy sex, you need to trust your partner. In addition, you should be able to communicate honestly with each other about what you both like and don’t like, without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Above all, you just have to allow yourselves to get totally carried away.

Sex games can be a good way of rekindling the passion in a relationship. This is because they break the routine. Don’t forget that your brain likes to be surprised and excited.

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