Disappointments Can Change Your Way of Life

Disappointments Can Change Your Way of Life
Gema Sánchez Cuevas

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Gema Sánchez Cuevas.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Sometimes, the changes caused by disappointments can be irreversible. This isn’t always a negative thing; it will always depend on the direction that the transformation takes within our heart and mind.

Disappointments that make you lose hope

Disappointments can make us lose all hope of a better life, a brighter future, or a happy and joyful present. And this will make us lose our perspective.

Let’s use the example of a failed romance. The disappointments related to the heart can be especially hard. So much so that many people never truly overcome them. A failed romance can cause so much pain within our heart and soul, that maybe we’ll close ourselves off, not wanting to suffer another similar disappointment.

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However, if we think about it and weigh the good that love offers and the bad that a breakup or depression entails…is closing yourself off to love due to one failed relationship really worth it?

If you ask me, I would say definitely not. Love has enriched my life with much happiness, and some sorrow and heartbreak. However, what I have experienced and felt while being in love completely outweighs the disappointment of a breakup.

So, disappointments due to love should be viewed as temporary failures, which will make you stronger, wiser, and more patient. But they should never make you a person who closes themselves off to experiencing a similar adventure with somebody else. Because it is a wonderful world which you are turning your back to.

Other tough disappointments

Love disappointments aren’t the only ones that can produce negative and irreversible changes in our mind and heart. Betrayal can also cause a great pain…

Imagine that you have a good friend whom you blindly trust. You tell them everything and talk to them about any and every detail of your life. If you have a problem, you mention it to them and they always help you climb out of that ditch.

Is there a greater pain in the world than the betrayal of a good friend? Undoubtedly, it’s hard to find. Although we can add that the very betrayal itself, either by a loved one, family member, lover or close person, is always very painful.

But we can’t let this make us fall into the abyss of constant insecurity and distrust towards others. Otherwise, we will be very unhappy people.

Human beings need to trust other people. They need to feel secure, surrounded by the people who love them the most. They need to have a refuge in the people close to them, so they can be taken care of. Otherwise, they’ll fall into unpleasant, insecure and negative attitudes.

We should never close the door to the arrival of new people in our lives. The fact that you have been betrayed should not make you completely change your attitude. Because you’ll fall into a state of permanent sadness from which it is very hard to escape.

The state of disappointments

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like we live in a society that lacks solidarity, one filled with constant disappointments. And it’s very difficult to find healthy and sincere people that truly deserve our trust.

Nevertheless, a new tendency that’s more humanistic and closer to kindness is starting to take shape. It’s becoming more powerful and widespread, and it ties in directly with the empowerment of all the good human beings have to offer.

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Though it’s not easy to see it through all of the constant bad news and the discouragement produced by a very competitive, aggressive and ambitious society, this new attitude of kindness and solidarity towards people who have suffered disappointment is here, and it’s here to stay.

This project of Exploring Your Mind is a clear example of all of the good that human beings can give to others, without asking for anything in return, simply wanting to offer help.

So don’t let your disappointment set the course you’ll follow. Be yourself, make a positive change and trust in those who deserve it, because though good people may seem invisible, they can be found among us.

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