Disappointment Is Part Of Life

Disappointment Is Part Of Life

Last update: 04 July, 2016

Often when we are disappointed, we tend not to take it very well… “Everything happens to me,” “I was not expecting this,” “I just really have bad luck.”

It seems as if bad things only happened to us, including disappointment, one of the human feelings that hurts our soul the most. However, if we instead consider disappointment as something that makes up the “backpack” of life, we can accept these setbacks much more easily.

When a friend, a partner, a family member lets you down in different ways, criticizing you behind your back, forgetting you over night, etc. you have to learn to accept it.

Everyone gets these slaps to the face, not just you. They will let you down, you will also let them down… this is part of the game of life. Why don’t we learn to play?

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Disappointment is part of life for each of us

How many times have you been sitting in a bar and heard an endless discussion among friends about “It isn’t the way it seems…” “I was not expecting it…” and blah blah blah… never ending?

That type of conversation often serves to unburden us, yes, but there are also times when it serves to “burn us up.” Ceaselessly repeating our disappointment and talking about how badly that person has treated us has no value except to “burn us up.”

If someone has let us down, tell them, but do not play the victim. Do not keep going over it again and again in your head as if you were a hamster in its wheel running on and on, without getting anywhere.

We all have feelings of sadness , anger, and grief when faced with disappointment, but blowing them out of proportion doesn’t help at all. How can we get rid of this bad habit?

“We are born crying, live complaining, and die disappointed.”

-Thomas Fuller-

How can we get rid of this habit?

Being disappointed is part of life. Maybe the key is in knowing how to accept disappointment when it comes our way and not being weighed down by it. Below, we offer you some advice so that the negative weight of disappointment does not lay its hands on your daily life…

  • Do not blow the subject out of proportion. Okay, they disappointed you, but it is over. If you keep talking and thinking about it, the snowball will keep rolling, growing bigger and bigger.
  • Occupy your mind with other things. Stop thinking about it. Dedicate time to your hobbies, to your chores… leave behind that inner monologue that is so harmful to you.
  • Talk about it to unburden yourself, but afterwards, finish the subject as soon as possible. It is good to unburden yourself, for you to tell that person who understands you so well what is happening to you, but do not keep telling them the same thing time and time again.
  • Also look at the good things that are happening to you. Do you not realize that you are looking out so much more for disappointment that you have not stopped to see the good things that are happening to you?
  • Do not forget that there are always good people. You have really been played over, okay, but do not fall apart; remember that there are always good people and that maybe they have done you a favor by helping you realize that the world does not revolve around that person. There are countless people and good things waiting for you.
  • Remember that you make mistakes, too. Maybe it is only others who make mistakes? None of us is perfect. Not others, not you. So learn to forgive them and yourself.
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“Sadness and melancholy are not welcome in my house”

-Saint Teresa of Avila-

Learn to build up emotional balance and do not let yourself be broken down so easily. Settling into negativity does little for us… maybe nothing more than make us unhappy

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