How to Detect and Avoid Manipulation

How to Detect and Avoid Manipulation

Last update: 28 July, 2022

When the manipulation is being done by someone close, it’s almost impossible to understand what is happening. In a relationship for example, both people must make decisions and give their opinions without making the other person feel bad, offended or attacked.

If one of them manipulates the other, it results in an imbalance of power in the relationship. One of the members of the relationship will then assume the role of the dominant and the other a role as the submissive. This applies to daily tasks such as the handling of money, exes, the children, activities, outings, work, etc. That is to say, it can affect each and every one of our activities.

Do you want to know if your partner (or anyone close to you) is manipulating you? Then pay close attention to these warning signs. You may have walked right into the lion’s den. And if you don’t react in time, you’ll suffer very serious consequences:

You feel guilty about everything.

That’s the feeling that the other person has over you. That’s the first symptom. It doesn’t matter what you do, say or think, you’ll always be doing something wrong to them. Though you haven’t made a mistake, they’ll always be trying to make you feel guilty.

 “You leave me alone to go off with your friends.” “I’m sick and you’re still going to work.”  A manipulator is an expert at twisting the facts and always turning them in their favor, in order to make the other person feel responsible and guilty.

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When we’re in a relationship with someone, we tend to put ourselves in their shoes when they tell us something that happened to them in their childhood or in the past. However, the problem with manipulators is that they take advantage of this fact. For example, they’re always seeking constant caring.

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