Crises Are Opportunities to Focus on What's Really Important

Crises bring us face to face with reality. The make the horizon clearer, leaving just the important and essential things in our field of vision. Out job is to bring this clarity back into our everyday lives, in order to make things better. In this article, discover why crises are opportunities.
Crises Are Opportunities to Focus on What's Really Important

Last update: 12 June, 2020

Psychology shows that reality can condition how you feel. However, it doesn’t do so in a vacuum, as you aren’t a mere spectator. In this regard, you’ll use your own personal scale of subjective and individual priorities in order to identify what the really important things are in this current crisis. You’ll see that crises are opportunities. Read on to find out more!

What’s so special about this current coronavirus crisis? Well, for starters, we’re all changing many of our routines. The lockdown restrictions have forced us to alter our daily lives in unprecedented ways. We’ve had to make changes in our personal, family, social, and work lives.

These changes affect us on many different levels. We’re facing scenarios that we could’ve never imagined. One example is couples who were in the throes of a separation, and who’ve had no other choice but to keep living together for an indefinite time.

Another example is people who had just made big investments and now find themselves in financially precarious situations – a scenario that’s far worse than they could’ve ever imagined.

Many other examples have emerged from the anti-contagion measures taken due to COVID-19. So, in these circumstances, being able to see through the mist and identify what’s important is a really good starting point.

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Crises are opportunities

Many psychology experts have been quick to provide guidelines and guidance in order to help people cope with this situation in the best possible way. They’re telling us that crises are opportunities. Some of the wisest recommendations are related to restructuring or reformulating routines so that we don’t fall into a kind of temporary chaos.

Others also recommend exercising as much as possible to fight a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, others have spoken about the importance of becoming aware of the kind of thoughts we have, how frequent they are, and how they affect us.

In addition to these guidelines, it’s very important to become aware of one’s own situation. There’s been some discussion on the differences between acceptance and resignation. The current situation is a good opportunity to practice acceptance but not resignation.

It’s a great idea to try to grow as a person and improve as much as possible by taking advantage of the fact that we have more free time to spend at home. However, we should also expand our horizons and look for new ways of spending our time.

Likewise, it’s a good idea to allow yourself to have the occasional sad day. Take a step back from your frenetic pace of life and obsessive thoughts by learning to relax, giving yourself time, meditating, reading for pleasure, or watching your favorite TV shows.

It’s time to learn what’s really important

Over the past few months, we’ve all experienced things we’ve never experienced before. However, in this sea of conflicting emotions and thoughts, you have the ability to choose how to feel and interpret what’s happening.

What if you tried to learn from this situation? What if you evaluated what’s really important to you?

Since the confinement began, we’ve all heard of wonderful examples of solidarity and community spirit. Without even realizing it, you’ve probably spoken to neighbors that you’ve never spoken to before and even asked them how they’re doing.

You’ve taken to heart that old cliché of “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. If you used to value hugs from your loved ones, now those hugs have taken on a whole new dimension.

Two people hugging.

We’re sure that you had concerns and worries before the pandemic. However, the things that worried you before have probably been pushed to the back burner since the lockdown began.

Now we’re all worried about whether our brothers or sisters are okay, whether our parents are looking after themselves, and whether our elderly relatives are feeling alone or not. We’re worried about our children, who are having to deal with being at home all the time, and whether they’re happy, keep studying hard, and have fun playing.

The revolution of a simple life

If we become aware of what’s happening, all of this could cause a wonderful change in all of our lives. We could all have a “simple life” revolution!

This revolution means that we won’t need more than a simple conversation and a few laughs to feel fulfilled. We’ll appreciate what it means to be able to go out, enjoy a sunny day, and take walks without any restrictions. In addition, you’ll start valuing afternoons with your family or taking your dog out for a walk with no time restrictions.

There are many revolutions in everyday life, such as big earthquakes or other serious crises that seem to freeze time. However, they’re all opportunities to really focus on what’s important in life and refine our lists of priorities. Thus, we should all learn from this experience and realize that crises are opportunities!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.