Creating and Improving Healthy Habits

Have you ever thought about setting goals for improving your healthy habits and, thus, your quality of life? Today's article will discuss some smart ones to do so.
Creating and Improving Healthy Habits

Last update: 29 October, 2020

Extensive studies indicate that genetics has a limited influence on a person’s well-being. In fact, researchers observed that improving healthy habits is important. Thus, you must set some goals to achieve this.

This is because healthy habits can help a person enjoy optimal health. Furthermore, these include proper nutrition, physical exercise, and activities that minimize stress, exposure to pollution, and any other action that improves your quality of life.

According to various studies, the need to set intelligent goals so that healthy habits are even healthier is clear and worth the redundancy.

In fact, it goes beyond genetic inheritance. Moreover, the decisions you make and the pressure of your environment can modify the composition of your epigenome. That is, the chemical substance adhered to the DNA chain that conditions your human well-being factors.

“Good health isn’t something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.”

-Anne Wilson Schaef-

A fresh lunch.

How to set goals for improving healthy habits

There’s a study entitled Lifestyle, not genetics, explains most premature heart disease. Furthermore, after examining more than 1000 patients, it established that smoking, lack of exercise, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol play a preponderant role in the early onset of heart disease, far beyond genetics.

In other words, healthy habits are very important. In fact, the study affirms that lifestyle plays a vital role in human aging. Therefore, this factor has a greater weight than genetics.

Thus, it’s clear that the establishment of intelligent goals is rather important. How will you do it, though? Mayo Clinic offers two main models for acting in the right direction. In this case, they speak of two areas that are essential for maintaining good habits: physical activity and nutrition.

Healthy eating

You must begin by setting goals regarding optimal nutrition. Here are some habits to help you implement healthy eating:


  • Use mobile apps that can help you keep track of your meals.
  • Eat properly. Take your time to chew, don’t rush, and taste every bite.
  • Rule out negativity. It’s important to be positive and, of course, set realistic goals.


  • Avoid industrially processed sugary drinks.
  • Drink water above any other beverages.
  • If you must consume soft or carbonated drinks, stick to the smaller presentations.

Fruit and vegetables

  • It’s important to have a salad at every meal.
  • Replace processed goods with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Include vegetables in your dinner.
  • Eat fruit as dessert, instead of ice cream and cookies.

  Whole grains

  • Opt for whole-grain bread, grains, and cereals.

Physical activity is one of the best ways to improve your healthy habits

You must set physical activity goals for your body to be in optimal shape. 

Avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle

  • Walk for ten minutes every morning.
  • Use auxiliary equipment such as pedometers to measure your distances.
  • Run as many errands as you can on foot and avoid sitting too long. For instance, read that book while you pedal your stationary bike and so on.
A person jogging.

Increases aerobic activity

  • Jog or power walk a couple of times a week.
  • Take a short walk after dinner.
  • Do some weight lifting for about 30 minutes every week.
  • Include exercises such as squats or push-ups in your routine.
  • Get a personal trainer if you need more guidance and can afford it.

Now you have some strategies to improve your daily habits with. Finally, keep in mind that these simple tips can greatly enhance your overall health and, thus, your well-being.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.