Couples Separated by the Pandemic

Love in times of uncertainty is especially difficult in couple separated by the pandemic. This hard situation puts the couple to the test. Thus, these couples should take some useful advice into account in order to overcome this situation.
Couples Separated by the Pandemic

Last update: 29 April, 2020

Many couples have been separated by the pandemic due to many different reasons. T his is another big challenge in this already complex situation. It’s a litmus test for a relationship, as both partners will need to make extra efforts and rely on trust to maintain their bond.

One thing that experts already knew was that confinement was going to challenge couples and their relationships. However, the focus has always been on those who live together and the possible problems caused by spending so much time together under the same roof.

Nevertheless, there’s another side to that coin: the couples who’ve been suddenly separated by the pandemic. Young couples who didn’t live together are now separated from their partners. Also, other people, due to professional, geographical, or familial reasons, are spending this lockdown dozens of miles away from their loved one. This isn’t easy due to the uncertainty regarding when they’ll be able to see each other again.

Living without the physical presence of your loved one may be strange and disconcerting. You’re without the person that you used to share your love and everyday life with, along with all your common projects. This is causing a lot of suffering in many couples.

A sad man.

Couples who have been separated by the pandemic

Many couples have separated due to reasons that are out of their control. The circumstances that accompany each of them are unique and are often dictated by very personal and specific situations.

On one hand, teens are dealing with the physical separation from their first partners, not knowing how to handle this unexpected situation. Technology helps, of course, but it isn’t the same.

Then there are other couples who are separated by great distances. And others who were living in different homes during the week and saw each other during the weekends.

Although there are many different types of relationships, no matter how different they are from one another, all of them have  had to deal with a lot of difficulties.

Let’s reflect on some strategies that you can consider if this is your situation and you’re trying to nurture your relationship from a distance.


The best ally of couples who’ve been separated by the pandemic is technology. Messages and video calls are extraordinary channels they can use to talk, see each other, and interact.

However, there’s something more important than being connected: trust. This means that these couples don’t have to talk all day to feel confident in their relationship.

Love isn’t about being connected 24 hours through Zoom or Skype. Personal space is very important in relationships.

Commitments and future plans

Distance is difficult, as a lack of physical contact affects any relationship. However, the current pandemic is proving to be a fierce survival exercise for everyone, including couples who’ve been separated during the pandemic.

One way to lessen the emotional pain of the present is to put all your hope in the future. Make future commitments and plans. You can still talk about all the things that you’re planning to do once the pandemic is over.

Talk about the trips you’re hoping to make in the future. Express your hopes, even though the here and now is an uphill battle without your loved one by your side.

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Always ask how your partner is doing

You can talk to your partner about what you did today and about your concerns and fears. However, never neglect reciprocity. Remember that loving is caring and worrying about your significant other. Don’t let a day go by without asking your partner how they’re doing and how they’re coping with the situation.

In the current situation, people’s moods tend to fluctuate quite a bit throughout the day. For example, you may feel enthusiastic in the morning and suffer from anxiety in the afternoon. During difficult moments, reaching out to your partner can be really helpful.

A time to get to know each other better

Experiencing unexpected situations allows you to get to know others better. In these difficult moments, your values, love, intentions, and personality must be more evident than ever. Now, you have a unique and exceptional opportunity to get to know more about your partner.

Distance is, after all, a scenario that forces you to nurture your relationship in a different way. You can rediscover yourselves and talk about your thoughts, desires, personal stories, goals, and hopes.

Although exclusively communicating with your partner online seems almost cold, remember that technology is still an amazing and essential resource. Take full advantage of it during this difficult time!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.