Conception and Pregnancy in a Wonderful Video

Conception and Pregnancy in a Wonderful Video

Last update: 09 November, 2022

Feeling a heart beating inside you is an experience reserved exclusively for women. However, thanks to the advances of technology, four minutes is enough to bring us into the marvelous world of conception and the creation of human life. 

Nine months of pregnancy are needed to create a genuine soul, a tiny personality. To create a minuscule body that will make hundreds of souls vibrate throughout its life. A being that will without a doubt change the world in some way.

If we stop to think about this, we will realize that we are marvelous creations that come into the world by way of a magical process. Because that constitutes the magic, the splendor of the manifestation of a natural process that has been achieved by every single person that watches this video.

The union of life gives way to our existence

The union of life gives way to more life, to the existence of a new being. That’s why this process ends up being even more magnificent than it may seem in our daily life. Two cells come together and, thanks to an exchange, offer the world a gift: a baby.

Hence, the woman, source of sustenance for the creature to come, starts to experiment numerous changes in her body. An angel grows within her, an angel that will probably instigate the appearance of the deepest love that has ever existed.

That’s why this video, offering us the possibility to understand how we are created, is a cute homage to our nature. It makes us feel as if there was nothing as marvelous as conception and life itself. A life which we are all participants of, in one way or another.

baby in grandfathers arms

A beautiful process which creates a very strong bond

Usually from the very moment of conception, a beautiful bond begins to form between the mother and the baby. And also between the father and the creature, if the case also applies. This is a natural mechanism which favors the survival of the species.

The baby, avid for life, will need the adults to provide it support and nourishment once it is born. This stimulates the adults to seek out a way to satisfy all of its needs.

The love of a mother provides a sixth sense, a special instinct that knows how to give love at every waking moment. This is the best survival manual for mothers and children, who often make use of its special additional sense. Without a second thought, they receive the benefits of its protection and its love.

mother and baby held in pair of hands

This video evokes the idea that conception holds the beginning of an immense kind of love. It holds the start of the magic within the fantastic creation that is life. That’s why it brings goosebumps to our skin. It brings smiles to our faces. Because the moment of conception is the magic of our world.

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