3 Personality Types That Make You Unique

3 Personality Types That Make You Unique

Last update: 03 March, 2017

Your personality reveals who you really are. It encompasses your physical traits as well as your mental ones, which make you different from everyone else. All of the traits which make you unique. But, at times, we have wanted to identify within a group of people that possess our same traits or have similarities. Here we are referring to types of personalities.

There are various theories in this respect. Today, we will discuss one that differentiates between the personality types A, B and C. This classification of personalities was highly criticized when it was published. And, even now, the debate perdures.

“Your personality is the best accessory you can wear.”
-Roberto Cavalli-

The personality types A and B were determined by Friedman and Rosenmann in the year 1959. These two types were complete opposites. This way, individuals could feel identified with one or the other more easily. This excluded the current problem of feeling like your personality has a little of A and a little of B.

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