Sex Toys: Let's Play a Game

Sex Toys: Let's Play a Game

Last update: 31 May, 2017

I want to play a game. A game that involves shouting, but not pain. A game that uses toys, but not for torture. Remember, this is a game where both you and I can have fun. Are you ready?

Because adults also play, and we do it in many different ways. We can play alone or with a partner, depending on whatever we desire in the moment. We can also use only our imagination, or we can use toys to help us have more fun.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes-

Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls, also known as Kegel balls and Geisha balls, are spherical objects of different sizes and weights that are inserted into the vagina or the anus. Some vibrate, some are connected to others with a string, and some come individually. They are used for both sexual stimulation and vaginal health.

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More than just a sex toy, Ben Wa balls can be used to treat urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunctions. They can improve vaginal tone and strength, especially when complemented with Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises involve tensing and relaxing the vagina. They can be done with or without Ben Wa balls to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises are often used to treat disorders like female anorgasmia or genito-pelvic pain disorder, also known as vaginismus or dyspareunia.

If you’re going to use Ben Wa balls for a therapeutic reason, it’s advisable to consult with a specialist first. Not all balls will be useful, and using them may not necessarily have any benefits. When using them for this reason, always follow the instructions of your doctor, psychologist, or sexologist.


Originally used to cure hysteria, dildos are now used as a toy to give and receive pleasure. The difference between a dildo and a vibrator is that the latter has an electronic mechanism that makes it vibrate.

A big advantage of dildos over vibrators is that, because they have no electronic component, they can be used underwater. On the other hand, vibrators can increase pleasure with their vibration, which dildos can’t do.

Dildos, vibrators, and massagers can be inserted in to the vagina or the anus to stimulate the clitoris and other erogenous zones. Depending on the model, they can also be used to penetrate two people at once. There are many different kinds of dildos: realistic, double, glass, silicone, big, small, remote control, etc.


Vibrators also come in many different models, in all different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. This wide diversity allows you to choose a toy that’s completely tailored to your tastes and preferences, that you can use either alone or with a partner, in whatever context you prefer.

In this family of toys, it’s necessary to differentiate between the ones you control yourself, and the ones that have a remote control so that they can be activated from a distance by somebody else. Choosing one type over another depends on what, where, and with whom you want to play.

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For example, egg vibrators can be sold individually or in vibrating thongs. These include a remote control so that one person can activate it while the other carries it in their body. The remote control of these objects allows you to play discreetly in not-so-discreet environments.

The fun will go wherever you want it to

The BDSM world is very present among sex toy products. You don’t have to play  master-and-slave games to enjoy these products, as there’s a wide variety that allows you to experiment with gentle objects, such as feathers, but also more daring toys that can produce both pleasure and pain.

Books, masks, costumes, erotic electrostimulation, electronic machines that offer continuous and powerful penetration, clamps for different parts of the body, sex swings, binds, handcuffs, gags, and harnesses all form a part of the BDSM family.

“‘BDSM doesn’t come from a sick mind,’ he continued, talking on her skin. ‘Look straight ahead, Cleo,’ he ordered. She obeyed immediately. ‘It comes from a bold and playful mind. It doesn’t come from the need to cause harm. On the contrary, it comes from the need to offer pleasure.'”

-Masters and Dungeons, Part 1, by Lena Valenti-

There is enough variety for everyone

The quantity and diversity of sex toys is very wide. There are toys of all different prices, types, materials, and colors. This ensures that everybody, regardless of their tastes and preferences, can find a toy they can use to have a good time.

Playing is not just for children. Adults also have the right to play in their own way, and the older we get, the more delicious the game becomes. With just a little money, time, and desire to have fun, you’ll be ready to play. So what are you waiting for?

“Because living is playing, and I want to keep playing.”

-Paloma, by Andrés Calamaro-

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.