To Coexist in Peace, You Must Add Not Subtract

To Coexist in Peace, You Must Add Not Subtract

Last update: 28 July, 2022

I’m at that point in my life where half truths, false appearances and profit-seeking beings are simply exhausting. This world is oftentimes nurtured by dark days and intermittent people. Therefore, I want company that knows how to add, not subtract. I desire bonds that will be my lighthouse in order to build a more free horizon, full of hope.

Experts in social psychology and leadership remind us of a sensation that we have all experienced at least once. Undoubtedly, some people cause an undefinable impact when they enter a room. At times, the famous expression “having an inner light” seems authentic, believable. They are presences that, for some reason, transmit tranquility and harmony.

“We come into this world to coexist in harmony. Those who know this fact, don’t fight among themselves.”

What is cognitive awareness?

These people are, without a doubt, individuals that know how to add. They bring cohesion into every scenario and make their small surroundings flow. Usually, they are very skilled when it comes to “opening their emotional umbrellas”. In turn, this protects them from the evil acts of others, manipulations and guilt traffickers.

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