Caring, Loving, Repairing... Forms of Courage

To care for our relationships, affection alone isn't enough. Feelings that aren't translated into actions don't serve anyone, nor do they nourish others. Instead, we need courageous actions and committed hearts, capable of understanding that loving means caring and repairing mistakes.
Caring, Loving, Repairing... Forms of Courage
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

Letting go, knowing how to move on, and moving on from certain people and situations requires great courage. However, there are different forms of courage and it also takes courage to care for, love, repair, and keep those we love by our side.

This obviously isn’t an easy task. Often, when it comes to matters of the heart, improvisations aren’t ideal. Instead, thoughtful actions can help us give the best of ourselves.

An old saying goes that people trip over their tongues more than their feet. After all, this is precisely how we sometimes end up losing those we love, through unfortunate words or words never spoken due to pride or inexcusable carelessness.

The art of caring for relationships can be something related to happiness. However, no one is perfect when it comes to this. Often, we make mistakes that we can regret for the rest of our lives in relationships between couples, friends, or family.

To love is to care for someone and to care is to know how to be present with your attitudes, intentions, emotions, and behaviors. All of this, without a doubt, requires a lot of emotional intelligence and empathy.

Two friends talking representing forms of courage.

Forms of courage: feeling isn’t enough, you have to show how you feel

Aesop said in a fable that everyone is brave from a safe distance. This is true in a way. However, from a distance, we miss the heart of relationships. Friendships with walls up for protection prevent us from taking a leap of faith and developing true relationships. Love is capable of helping us overcome fears and insecurities to courageously give yourself to another fully.

Now, one thing that’s true is that we don’t need heroes. When it comes to matters of affection, we don’t want or need anyone to save us. However, we do hope that they take the risk, combining determination and courage, to demonstrate care, love, and respect. We long to have people by our side who understand that affection would be a daily refuge where we feel loved and valued.

There are many forms of courage, but one form is worth more

Courage comes in many forms. Some people finally conquer their fears and manage to leave their comfort zones to show their worth. They’re able to find their place in the world. There are also people that put aside situations that negatively impact their well-being to regain control of their lives and identities.

Unsurprisingly, you can find brave people in various professions. For example, jobs that require people to put their own lives at stake to save others. Despite the fact that there are many types of courage, there’s something similar between all of them. True courage stems from love and appreciation, rather than the selfishness of those who seek fame, recognition, or other external reinforcements.

Therefore, you can find courage in any person who doesn’t consider barriers when it comes to helping others. Brave people act based on their values and dare to change their reality to improve their own well-being as well. Because let’s be clear, self-love is also about loving, caring, and repairing.

Taking care of the relationship we have with ourselves and taking care of that internal bond with our own being is the only way to always be able to give the best to those close to us.

A man kissing a woman on the side of her head.

The art of being present in relationships that matter to us

There’s a powerful tool when it comes to creating an impact on others. One thing you should always keep in mind when it comes to relationships is that it’s important to be present.

Few things leave a mark like a person being able to tell that we’re with them. That time stops when you’re together and nothing matters more than what’s happening at that moment.

What happens in the shared present is valuable. That’s why it’s important to surrender and strive to make yourself feel with all your senses. Sitting in front of another person, present with your emotions, is the most decisive thing in human relationships. You have to give meaning to that moment through being present, caring, and communicating.

Know how to appreciate what you love

When we appreciate what we have, the world becomes calmer. You no longer long for anything else because all your voids are filled with well-being, gratitude, and affection.

Everything comes together the moment you become aware that your life is complete and that, although happiness seems mundane, it’s an incredibly transcendent act.

Loving, caring, repairing… These are the true steps to relationships and they’re forms of courage that those with strong emotional ties practice.

Taking care of those you love, taking care of every moment, every word you say, every decision, and also daring to repair mistakes is the path that will lead you to happiness.

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