I Can't Forget How You Made Me Feel

I Can't Forget How You Made Me Feel
Sergio De Dios González

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

They say that only the things that make us vibrate and provoke a chill or a turmoil of emotions within us are the ones we’ll never forget. You made your mark on me. You are sort of like a storm that managed to find me and shake me up inside. A storm that knew it brought with it the happiest moments that no one has given me until now.

Now that time has passed, I will probably start to forget. To forget who you were, how I was with you and how we felt when we were together. In fact, the most logical thing would be for it to end up being one more life experience and a path to learning. However, there’s something that will remain and I will forever take with me: the warmth when it was cold, the cold when I needed warmth and every time you touched my heart.

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Errors fade away, chills define us

To think about ourselves is to think of time and spaces: What were we? What are we? What will we be? And it seems that memories are the only answers we have. Memory is primarily a form of oblivion, something that Benedetti knew how to correctly express.

We are what we remember and we remember the things which have shaken every part of our body, even the ones that can’t be seen. The rest of the events that we have been through are lost and confused in our minds, in such a way that sometimes we don’t even know what truly happened: we only keep a memory of what we feel.

The errors that we one day made or someone made with us, one day disappear. The only thing that remains is the chill, the scar of the thing that some time ago made us who we are today: we are identified by that heap of broken mirrors that make us who we are. And also those small doses of happiness that have made us know that we are truly alive.

You are simply an emotion from the past

We can’t rid ourselves of the past completely. This is the reason why people like you who were once my present and now aren’t, remain in my life in the form of memories: those that are no longer real or tangible but remain by means of an emotion.

If it was able to upset your stomach, you won’t be able to forget the sensation you had in that moment. They may have hurt you, that’s true, as they have hurt me. But everything that hurts you tends to have caressed you at some point. And that pain and those tears may pass, but the caress continues on. It will always be there with you.

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I thank you for the pain you caused me

The heart sometimes cries so much it seems like it will never forget how drowned it feels. However, it can be wiser than we think if we just let it be. The heart is capable of eliminating the bad memories and overcoming them, keeping the good and coping with the past.

When I say that the heart is capable of eliminating I don’t mean that nuances don’t remain. It’s just that when the pain stops hurting, we know that we have accepted it and we have learned to live with it. This way, a time will come when we will be thankful for having fallen. Since that’s the only way we could have learned to get back up and further value standing up right.

It’s no use to keep reliving the situations in our minds over and over again. The only way to look towards the future is to go beyond all of the events, reach the emotions and get to know ourselves from every perspective that life puts before us.

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