I Can't Change the Past, But the Present Is in My Hands

I Can't Change the Past, But the Present Is in My Hands

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Some people focus on the past, and that keeps them from moving forwards towards a better future. That past can hurt but it can’t be changed, no matter how badly we’d like to modify it. That’s why life consists in enjoying the power of our “here ad now” and living in the present in order to find the road to happiness.

Consciousness is in the here and now

To live in the present moment, your conscious should be focused on the here and now. You won’t be worried about the future, nor will negative feelings from your past keep you from moving forward. Living in the present implies that you are focused on what is happening to you right now.

The past and the future are like illusions. They are in your mind. However, the past no longer exists and the future has yet to be created. The truth is that tomorrow never really arrives, since it is simply a concept we have in order to understand the passing of time. Time is always now, this precise moment.

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If you don’t live in the present, it’s because you’re living in an illusion. How many times have you worried about things even while still uncertain about whether they would actually happen? How many times have you blamed yourself for mistakes you committed, no matter how long ago it was? If you have done this too many times, it’s because sometimes you feel trapped in the illusions of the past and future.

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