Bridget Jones' Diary of Insecurities

She's a very intelligent woman, but the sad thing is her need to feel validated by men. Don't make the same mistake and read on to learn how to love yourself more.
Bridget Jones' Diary of Insecurities

Last update: 18 April, 2019

Bridget Jones is a well-known name for romantic comedy lovers. A box office success, Bridget Jones is a different kind of leading lady: She has real issues, insecurities, and doubts. This turned her into a global icon, and any woman could identify with her.

Based on Helen Fielding’s 1996 novel of the same name, Bridget Jones Diary premiered in 2001. It follows the adventures of a young London woman. The book could be considered a parody of Pride and Prejudice.

Bridget Jones could be a-heavily-modernized Elizabeth Bennet. She’s a little bit over thirty years old, single, and quite addicted to cigarettes. Single by circumstances, rather than choice, and with deep self-esteem issues, Bridget’s a modern spinster.

At the same time, she’s torn between two men very different men: the suave and flirtatious Cleaver, and that arrogant Darcy. After becoming close with her boss, Cleaver, she finds out he’s been cheating on her and breaks up with him.

Then comes along Darcy and tells her, in a very shy and sullen manner, that he loves her and is willing to be with her during the good and the bad. Bridget slowly falls in love with Darcy and realizes he’s the Mr. Right she’s been waiting for.

bridget jones smiling

Bridget Jones, a real woman

Perhaps the success of characters like Bridget Jones relies on her characteristics. These imperfections are what the audience likes about her, and lets people identify with her. It’s not heavily idealized, but still, sometimes day-to-day challenges look better when they’re idealized, and that’s not a bad thing.

However, to really be empathetic, characters need to have human traits. That’s where Bridget Jones comes along. She’s a character that seems to have the same issues that any other woman might in her situation. This is why Bridget Jones was a revolution in the rom-com genre.

Most of rom-coms leads are adorable and sweet. They might have some issues, but they always look great. Bridget Jones always has bed hair, because she’s late for work, and, though she’s very smart, she’s still home alone watching TV. She’s a whole new type of lead: she’s a real woman.

A journal about insecurities

Bridget Jones is a complex woman. She’s trying to balance her love life and her work life. She’s a very intelligent woman, and also a very beautiful one. However, Bridget is very insecure.

Bridget Jones is a very negative person. She thinks she’s fat and ugly although she has two very handsome suitors. The sad thing is that Bridget only feels beautiful when validated by someone else.

Bridget only smiles when Darcy tells her how beautiful she is. This might seem romantic but it’s just a show of how insecure she really is. No woman should need external validation to feel pretty.

With low self-esteem, Bridget goes through her day and writes about it. Clearly, her journal has more sorrow than cheer. So, if you identify with Bridget Jones, how can you improve your self-esteem?

bridget jones kissing mark darcy

Some tips to improve your self-esteem

Improving your self-esteem and overcome your own personal doubts can be difficult, but not impossible. You can be happy of Bridget Jones legacy: portraying real women in the big screen.

However, you need to be more body positive. That way you’ll feel complete and happy. Below are some tips to improve your self-esteem and be the best you:

  • Be aware of yourself. You can only change what you know. So, understand you’re giving your body a bad rep, and start changing that.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. One of the worst things for our self-esteem is comparing ourselves to others. Focus on internal growth.
  • Channel your inner genius. Albert Einstein said, and let me paraphrase, that everybody’s a genius, just not in the same field. Identify what your interest are, develop them and you’ll find what you’re good at.
  • Work out! Working out releases endorphins that will immediately make you feel better.

Self-knowledge and self-love are not always easy. There will be times when it’d be hard to do but, beyond what Bridget Jones would do, remember that loving yourself is first and foremost.

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