Our Body Talks To Us Through Pain and Sickness

Our Body Talks To Us Through Pain and Sickness

Last update: 04 January, 2018

This connection gets weakened by the busyness of our daily lives.  We stop understanding why things happen to us, and don’t know how to get back our balance. Little by little, we lose the ability to read ourselves.

So, when pain and sickness come into the scene, it’s important to know what they’re telling us. That way we can figure out the way back to health and well-being.

Sickness, A Path to Health

Understanding sickness and pain means being able to give them meaning. That way we can understand the origins of the imbalance and get connected to ourselves again.

psychological pain

Sickness is the medium our body talks to us through. It’s how it tells us something’s not working right, that something has to change. 

In fact, it may force us to change the rhythm of our lives and stop us from taking the same steps we’ve taken up to now. In this way, it imposes a change — a good one towards health.

When we get sick, all we can do is start to take care of ourselves. But not just by attending to the physical signs. Our emotional, psychological, and spiritual ones too.

Loss of Balance

Life is essentially balance, harmony, and health. Sickness tells us the balance has been broken, and that we have to restore it.

We do this by looking for a path to change to try to improve our situation. We try as much as is possible to find the way to balance ourselves out.

If the way of life we’re living brings us to sickness, a change in this rhythm might be one of the paths back to balance. But, unfortunately it’s not always possible.

“The beauty of nature and the beauty of the cultural environment created by human beings are, of course, both necessary for maintaining the health of the human soul and spirit.

-Konrad Lorenz-

reading the signs our body sends us

One of the things that keeps us from knowing ourselves is the kind of life we’re living. The greatest stressor we have is our disconnection from our own inner selves.

Because, when this happens, we stop taking care of our body and mind. We expose ourselves and stretch ourselves as far as we will go… Until something breaks.

“Your body hears everything your mind says.”

-Naomi Judd-

Ignoring Warning Signs Your Body Sends You

Long before sickness, our body starts sending us warning signs in the form of symptoms, pain, discomfort, or weakness. 

But, because of this disconnection with our inner selves and our body, we don’t know how to hear them.

These signs are very important so we don’t become sick. We at least need them to alleviate and treat the sickness so it doesn’t get worse. Not hearing the signs can mean they get worse, and that’s the first step towards an imbalance in our health.

painful migraine

All sicknesses are a process. And, as such, we know they’ve been forming for a long time… time we could use to our advantage. If we would just pay attention. We can change our habits or see a professional.

Taking Care of Our Body, Taking Care of Our Lives

It’s important to listen to our symptoms because they have a lot to say. It’s important to know how to interpret them. If it’s a small problem, maybe you can do it yourself; otherwise get help. And let’s change things at the root of what’s hurting our bodies.

There are a lot of ailments that originate from bad habits we pick up over the course of our lives. For example, the bad eating, bad sleep habits, or bad posture. Our body also ends up breaking down when we live with stress, addictions, or excesses, like with our work hours.

If we’re trying to maintain a balance, let’s take care of our body and our life. Sometimes situations unfortunately are out of our control. But there are a lot more that we can in fact affect in order to live a better life.

Let’s work on healthy habits and get connected to ourselves. Your body will thank you. 


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.