The Bitterness of Impossible and Disgruntled Loves

The Bitterness of Impossible and Disgruntled Loves

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Who hasn’t had one? One of those impossible loves which you know only exists for you. Idealized, precious, might as well be porcelain, because you know that they’ll never crash into the wall of reality. The reality that, despite the redundancy, makes them real. Nowadays, it is less frequent to experience a disgruntled love. This meaning a reciprocated love which reality, due to many reasons, doesn’t allow you to enjoy.

These two types of love are easily confused. In fact, they are used interchangeably in our language, despite the fact that they are not equivalent. In fact, both types of love are subjected to different characteristics that have to do with emotions. They deal with circumstances that go beyond the feeling of love itself, as we will see later on.

The bitterness of impossible loves

The first kind of love that hurts is the impossible love. The type of love that one person feels for another, and which is unrequited. Also, for it to be impossible, it has to have the trait of not being able to be reciprocated ever. “I can’t feel the same way about you”.

“What many people call loving consists in choosing a woman and marrying her. They choose her, I swear to you, I’ve seen it. As if you could choose in love, as if it wasn’t a lighting strike. One that breaks your bones and leaves you staked to the middle of the yard.” 
-J. Cortázar-


In these cases, people usually say that the person we are in love with is the only one that can make us feel two emotional extremes. We see them as someone who can give us all of the happiness we think we need. But, at the same time, they are the one who takes it away. Because said happiness would only arrive when their love is reciprocated.

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