Beautiful Persian Proverbs About Love

Beautiful Persian Proverbs About Love

Last update: 05 November, 2018

Some Persian proverbs about love date back 1,000 years. That shouldn’t be surprising considering that Persian culture is made up of many cultures. Each of these cultures offered its own wisdom and their combination created a splendid and interesting society.

Although Persian proverbs are part of popular culture, they have an undeniable philosophical spirit. The Persian Empire flourished as spectacularly as it fell and this surely motivated deep reflection.

There aren’t very many Persian proverbs about love. This culture focused more on existential subjects. However, they do have some beautiful affirmations about this complex emotion. Here are five of them.

“What you eat will rot. What you give will become a rose.”

-Persian proverb-

One of the Persian proverbs about love

One of the most well-known Persian love proverbs says, “The heart’s thirst isn’t quenched with a drop of water”. This means that when someone longs to love and be loved, they need more than a small gesture of affection or a passing fling.

People who lack affection love in a specific way. They usually do it obsessively. They feel so empty that they exaggerate their own feelings. A lonely and “thirsty” heart needs more than a drop of water. However, it must be careful so that it doesn’t drink too much, either.

A glass heart representing persian proverbs about love.

A leader on each ship

Another Persian proverb warns us about something that often happens in relationships. Sometimes, in an effort to be democratic, both people try to steer the ship. This, however, can be a mistake.

The proverb says, “Two captains will sink the ship”. It means that if there are two leaders acting at the same time, things could end in disaster. Instead of trying to share the helm, you should take turns with your partner. Having two people with different ideas trying to define the route at the same time is counterproductive. Instead, try to divide and conquer or share the leadership time equally.

Memory and hope

This beautiful Persian proverb says, “Don’t let your memories weigh more than your hopes”.  The past is often very present in love, for better or for worse. Sometimes we don’t manage to forget old lovers. We hold on to mistakes and can’t let go of our pain.

The wiser choice, in love and in life, is not to get stuck in the past. Let everything flow and don’t cling to situations or emotions. Let life take its course. If you want to keep moving forward, don’t tie yourself down to a moment that’s already over.

Some hands throwing leaves.

Love and kindness

The word kindness has its roots in the word love. To be kind is to be deserving of love. We also use this adjective to describe a person who is nice, open, and respectful of others. This represents the essence of kindness.

One of the Persian proverbs says, “With a sweet tongue and kindness, you can drag an elephant by a hair”. In other words, good manners are more powerful than aggressiveness or rudeness. This is something that anyone who loves should remember.

Oyster with a pearl and the wisdom of persian love proverbs.

The scarcity of pearls

We all go through moments in our life when it seems like everything flourishes, including love. We also have stages in our life that are just the opposite. Nothing grows, nothing flourishes. Sometimes these moments make us lose hope and change our way of seeing the world.

One of the Persian proverbs about love talks about how important it is not to let that happen. It says, “If you dive into the sea and you don’t find pearls, don’t draw the conclusion that there are no pearls in the sea”. If you search for pearls, sometimes you won’t find them simply because you’re looking in the wrong spot.

All of these beautiful Persian proverbs about love remind us that love is a very complex feeling. Depending on how you approach it, it can bring you happiness or suffering. You have the ability to discover what’s the best way to experience love, cultivate it, and turn it into a positive force in your life.

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