5 Marvelous Monuments Inspired by Love

5 Marvelous Monuments Inspired by Love

Last update: 20 August, 2018

There are many men who, powerful or not, at some point decided to erect monuments inspired by love. Just as artists dedicated many monuments to great heroes and impressive battles, there are also numerous homages to love, this beautiful and profound feeling we all experience at some point or another.

Many of these love-inspired monuments are well-known throughout the world. They fascinate us with their exquisite beauty and the immense effort that went into them. Almost all of them are a testimony to great love.

The act of embarking on these great projects shows that these men were so in love they wanted to build things that transcended time. And so they did. These five monuments were inspired by love.

Global love.

1. The Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful love-inspired monuments

The Taj Mahal is located in Agra, India. The Muslim emperor Shah Jahan was who ordered it. It’s one of the most emblematic monuments inspired by love.

As the story goes, the prince met Arjumand at a young age and fell in love with her. Though he had two other wives, he married her five years later and named her the palace’s “chosen one”. They loved each other dearly and had 13 children.

During the birth of their 14th child, she died. Desolate, the emperor ordered the construction of the most fabulous mausoleum he could imagine. The most precious stones, marble, and decorations were brought to the city from across the planet. Today, the monument is the resting place for both the king and queen.

2. Coral Castle

Coral Castle isn’t just one of the greatest monuments inspired by love. It’s totally shrouded in mystery. It was built by Edward Leedskalnin, an immigrant from Latvia who moved to the United States.

The building is made totally out of coral stone and weighs 1,000 tons in total. Leedskalnin himself cut, moved, and placed each block of coral stone. He did it at night, in total darkness and solitude.

Coral Castle inspired by love.

The man was a builder and a wild reader. His life changed when he met Agnes Scuffs in his home country. She was ten years younger than him, but she became the love of his life. They were going to get married, but she abandoned him just before the wedding. That’s when Edward decided to emigrate. He built the Coral Castle in honor of his great love, hoping that one day she would return to live in it with him. Many think it holds secrets related to electromagnetism.

3. Mirabell Palace

Mirabell Palace is located in Salzburg, Austria. It was built in 1606 by Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich Raitenau, who made it in honor of his lover, Soledad Alt. At first, the building was called Altenau. They created unforgettable memories there. Soledad had 15 children, though only 5 survived.

In 1612, the Prince-Archbishop was forced to leave his position. He was then sent to prison and died there. Later, the archbishop Franz Anton von Harrach made a lot of changes to the palace. Among them, he changed its name to Mirabell. The spot became very famous and Mozart did numerous concerts there.

Austrian castle.

4. The Kiss

The Kiss is a sculpture installed in Peru’s “Park of Love” in Miraflores. The creator is Víctor Delfín, and the monument depicts Delfín giving a kiss to the love of his life, Ana María. The place has been converted into a traditional meeting point for lovers.

The Kiss statue.

Next to the statue, there’s a wall that captures romantic quotes from hundreds of lovers. Some of them are: “I undress you like one peels a fruit” by Jorge Díaz Herrera and “I’m on fire from the desire to see the empty space of your body” by Washington Delgado.

5. The Temple of Nefertari

Ramses II from Egypt ordered the Temple of Nefertari. He wanted to give his wife Nefertari a gift that would leave her breathless. She was his favorite wife, and his love for her was profound. The dedication on the entrance says it all: “This work belongs for all of eternity to the great royal wife Nefertari-Merienmut, for whom the sun shines“.

Egyptian temple of love.

As we can see, all of these monuments are inspired by love and serve as testimony to how powerful this emotion is. They were all built and ordered as symbols of passion to show the intensity of their feelings.

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