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Somatic Symptom Disorders: Symptoms and Treatment

Somatic symptom disorders bring to light the difficulty of separating the effects that the body and mind have on a person’s health. The strong interconnection between these two dimensions hinders the diagnosis and treatment of these types of disorders.

Busting 5 Sleepwalking Myths

Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder that makes a person get up from bed at night and even talk while they’re sleeping. In fact, the person may act normal, as if they were awake, and family members are usually scared that…

Alex Honnold, The Man Without Fear

Alex Honnold represents one of the most enigmatic neuroscience cases. He is the exception to the rule. Most people have the fear of falling. This is why even newborn babies experience upheavals if they feel they’re falling.

Self-concept and Sexuality: How Are They Related?

The relationship between self-concept and sexuality is based on the answer to certain questions, such as: “Do you like your body, consider yourself attractive, think you are a good lover and enjoy your relationships?” We can determine if we have…

What is Utopia?

“Utopia” is a common word in our everyday life. It’s a useful argument or counterargument when discussing ideal or hypothetical societies. However, it may have a much deeper meaning than what our society shows us. This is why it’s important…

Pathological Guilt and its Web

Guilt is a healthy feeling, in principle. Although it generates discomfort, it’s a mechanism associated with self-criticism. It’s inevitable that sometimes we act erroneously and consequently hurt others. In those cases, blame warns us that we have to make amends.…

When Parents Use Blame to Raise Their Children

There are still many parents who justify using blame as a parenting style. They think that rewards and punishment are the fundamental basis for a proper education. This is true, especially in the early ages. However, it’s imperative to understand…

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