Always Start Over

Always Start Over

Last update: 08 November, 2022

Every poem has some beauty to it. But some pierce the soul in a special way. Maybe this poem will be one of those. Each phrase, each word. It couldn’t be written any better. It describes feelings we all feel in many situations.

They are truly wise words that go directly into our hearts.

“Though you’re exhausted,
though success evades you,
though a betrayal pains you,
though ungratefulness is all you receive…
Start over.”

-Cecilia Prezioso-

Who hasn’t felt the sense of fatigue, of defeat, in the face of life? We’re tired of fighting on a daily basis. Of fighting with others… and with ourselves. We’re tired of feeling like our strength is waning and that there’s nothing we can do about it. We’re tired of our neighbors, bosses and even our kid’s teacher.

We’re tired of working without rest. There are moments when we even become tired of being tired. But, we have to think that these are just moments, phases. Everything passes. Soon we’ll find new strengths.

Mistakes and failure. We’ll definitely make many mistakes and delve into failure. Not once, but a thousand times. By trying not to make mistakes we demand too much from ourselves, and this can hurt us.

It can even make our own self-esteem sink into the deepest of wells. Believe in yourself. Learn from your mistakes, from your failures and…start over. Who told you you don’t have a right to make mistakes? Maybe it was yourself. Your worst critic.

Betrayal. We all feel betrayed at times. And although we don’t realize it, we also betray other people. Maybe betrayal is one of those things, like heartbreak, that’s meant to give all of us headaches.

But, why did he do that to me? Why did he behave that way? Maybe we waste too much energy thinking over and over again on the betrayals we’ve experienced.

Ingratitude and incomprehension. We all like to feel understood. We all want to be shown gratitude for what we’ve done for another person, at least with a smile. But sometimes we don’t receive gratitude or understanding, and we feel sad. We stop believing in the world, in other people.

But you always have to start over. Because you’ll find new people who will see within you what others couldn’t. Life goes on, and we can’t stay anchored to others’ mistakes, nor ours. You always have to start over.

Though you’re exhausted,
though success evades you…

How many times have we felt tired of fighting? Of feeling like we lose every battle? It’s a bitter feeling that we’ve all felt time and time again.

…though a mistake hurts you,
though a deal falls through…

We all experience success and failure. That’s what life is all about. But after we feel the sadness of having been wrong, we have to get up strong… and start over.

Though betrayal hurts you,
Though an illusions dies…

How many letdowns have we experienced? With friends, colleagues. None of us are perfect, and we all make mistakes. But we need to recover our confidence and illusions.

goldfish jumping to another fishbowl

…though pain burns us,
though your efforts are ignored,
though ingratitude is all you receive,
though misunderstanding cuts off your laughter,
though it all seems like nothing at all…

Sometimes you don’t feel valued, loved, appreciated. It seems that no one thanks you for anything. That no one understands you. And you feel alone, very alone. But as the end of the poem says…

Start over!

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