7 Relaxation Exercises to Finally Get Rid of Anxiety

7 Relaxation Exercises to Finally Get Rid of Anxiety

Last update: 09 November, 2022

We have said it many times, anxiety in itself is not bad or unhealthy. In fact, it is adaptive, because it allows us to relate to our surroundings with an appropriate level of activation. Nevertheless, anxiety as an excess of activation becomes unhealthy for us, affecting us in our everyday lives. The truth is that, although we think it won’t happen to us, it can happen at any point in our lives.

That’s why, it is very important to develop personal resources and strategies that will allow us to control our emotions and thoughts. Because, as we all know, self-management is a skill that will allow us to develop adequately.

We should know that not every relaxation technique works for everyone equally. Regardless of the exercise, we should practice it with assiduity in order to mover forward.

buddha sleeping on a lake

This question may arise in the minds of you readers. Should I also do it even if I don’t have problems with anxiety? When is the right time to relax? First of all, we should point out that everyone would benefit from the lesson these exercises can teach us. It’s necessary, furthermore, that we choose a moment of the day in which we won’t be interrupted. For example, if we choose nighttime, try to not fall asleep while doing it. The objective is to learn the technique! Let’s look at some exercises…

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