7 Reasons Being Highly Sensitive Is a Gift

7 Reasons Being Highly Sensitive Is a Gift

Last update: 31 July, 2016

Surely you already know, as I do, that being a highly sensitive person (or a HSP) has its pros and cons. The time has come to change the pervasive view that sensitivity is not a good thing when it comes time to manage our experiences.

It’s time to understand that being sensitive only means that you are connected in a much more active and productive way with yourself.

If you still think that this is something negative, I would love to invite you to read on about the 7 reasons why being highly sensitive is a gift.

1. Being sensitive makes you more honest

Being highly sensitive pushes you to act in a way that’s consistent with what you feel inside, because if you don’t, you’ll become emotionally blocked. This means that you share what you feel more easily. You show the emotion you’re experiencing through every pore on your skin. No matter how positive or negative it may be construed.

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You allow yourself to be authentic, and be what you really are. Bluntly, without any limits. Many people may think that this way of perceiving life denotes a certain shrillness. But what really matters is what your heart feels. That’s what others will never be able to quiet down. And the stronger this characteristic is, the more free you’ll be to live as you like.

2. Intensity governs your emotions

You feel double of what other people do. You feel each and every one of your emotions with intensity: love, pain, disappointment and joy.

Socially we’re made to perceive intensity as something bad. The belief is that if we don’t know how to manage it, we won’t be able to control ourselves.

But, that’s when I ask myself, what’s so wrong about not letting anything pass you by in life? Learn to manage your intensity in every emotion, every word, every moment of your life and your existence will be incredibly marvelous.

3. You connect with life

To me, one of the immense gifts of being a highly sensitive person is that you connect with life. Your days, absolutely all of them, have an immense meaning. Everything is worthwhile because everything has a reason behind it. Being this way allows you to see the magic that surrounds you. It let’s you understand why you are who you are. The reason behind your being and those that you love.

Actions stop turning into something common and stereotyped. You accept that life implies going with the flow. That things change, that you are grateful for what you feel and enjoy. And above all, you allow yourself to go with the flow. Therefore, you’re free. Free to be aware of the fact that everything, absolutely everything has a reason behind it.

4. Your heart shines for you and those you love

Being sensitive makes you perceive any emotion at an exceptional level. Thus, your empathy develops to unexpected levels, making you much more compassionate if you choose to use this gift positively.

You can make any external situation your own, because life hands you the mission of listening and helping unconditionally. You learn that you’re allowed to say no, but you always love to offer your help to someone who deserves your unconditional love and brilliant heart.

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5. Your intuition is like a fallen star 

You have such a high level of sensitivity that you can feel beyond what’s visible to most people. I’ll confess that when you let yourself go with the flow and you leave the most elemental things go, your intuition awakens in a supernatural way. And you turn it into a powerful tool in order to feel full and happy.

You allow yourself to sense situations and emotions, both yours and from other people. This way you manage your essence and most importantly, the love you have towards yourself, towards life, and towards those you love. You provide them with effective help unconsciously. Which is something that makes your heart bigger and makes you a better person, believe me.

6. You know how to interact with others

I’ll confess that lately this happens to me with my partner. When you’re a high sensitive person, you perceive the brightness of the people with whom you’re interacting. As if it was a treasure map. This brightness guides you towards the true potential of that person, their needs and inconceivable secrets…

You are very perceptive, which allows you to know much more and get ahead of what others need in a much more intense way than usual. All of this lets you create unconscious bonds full of intensity with your loved ones and your surroundings.

7. Being highly sensitive is part of your true essence

There will be many people that don’t understand you. They may even try to discourage you in an attempt to undervalue the fact that being sensitive is something beautiful and good.

Remember that when something scares us, human beings have the tendency to directly reject it. Without stopping to think if it truly helps the person at hand.

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As has happened to me, you’ve probably felt misunderstood endless times, or felt that “something was off” in your life. I hope that with these 7 reasons you’ll understand the immense potential and vital gift that you have the right to enjoy.

“Sensitivity is the selfishness of the self. It’s about what’s sensitive and not about what you feel. Man as the measure of all things- in other words, measured by nothing- who compares everything, but is incomparable, is affirmed in the sense of feeling.
-Emmanuel Lévinas-

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.