7 Keys to Educating Self-Sufficient Children

7 Keys to Educating Self-Sufficient Children

Last update: 28 July, 2022

The famous Cuban poet, thinker, and philosopher José Martí said that “children are the hope of the world.” Maybe this is not a very original quote, but it is certainly true. A small child represents a drop of present and a sea of future. All the same, it is necessary to educate self-sufficient children.

Can you imagine a future full of people who are totally dependent on one another? Obviously, given that we live in society, interaction and solidarity are indispensable. However, autonomy and self-responsibility are as well.

Self-sufficient people are able to discern when they can confront a problem on their own or the moment when they need help from others. They are responsible for their actions and develop wiser and more certain value judgments. However, it is best to start working on these qualities from the earliest childhood.

“Educate the children and it won’t be necessary to punish the men”


The benefits of self-sufficient children

Educating self-sufficient children brings a variety of advantages and benefits for the little ones that will always be with them. Thanks to the education they receive during childhood, they will not only be happier and more fulfilled, but also able to develop a series of really useful values.

  • A self-sufficient child is much more autonomous, which is why they will have a better concept of themselves.
  • Self-sufficient children demonstrate higher and healthier self-esteem than children who are insecure, tyrannical, dependent, etc.
  • Self-confidence is truly valuable for each one of us. This is something that affects us from childhood into old age.
  • Maturing at the right speed is important for development. This is achieved by educating children in self-sufficiency.
  • The fear of messing up is a double-edged sword. We must be cautious, but also brave when it comes time to make decisions. Self-sufficient people are familiar with this concept and tend to get it right when choosing paths for their development.
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How to educate self-sufficient children

Without further delay, we are going to list a series of keys that will serve as the foundation for educating self-sufficient children. You will see that they are very simple activities that only require a bit of patience and persistence. Rest assured that you will reap great benefits in the young one’s health and happiness.

  • Small responsibilities are a tool that develops the child’s ability to be self-sufficient. However, they have to be appropriate to the child’s age. Getting them to dress themselves, to help with simple household tasks, or to pick up their things are very important according to their age. The difficulty must keep increasing gradually as they grow.
  • Responsibilities are also important for the child. Think up simple guides to explain how to do it and monitor the process. In this way, they will become aware of their surroundings, their limits, and their own worth as a person.
  • Logically, each time we ask the child to perform an activity, we must act as guides and teachers. Nevertheless, the child will go on perfecting their skills little by little. That is the moment to leave them alone so their security in their abilities is promoted.
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  • A child needs protection, have no doubts about this. But no child needs overprotection. As teachers and parents, we must provide the tools for them to learn to cope in society. However, we have to let them experiment, internalize, and stand up to the challenges that they are already capable of facing. If we do all of this for them, we will be doing them great harm.
  • We all make mistakes sometimes, and a child especially will. They are investigating and discovering. So then, it is the perfect time to teach them to learn from their own mistakes without losing the patience that they sometimes put to the test.

Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by what he says.
-Carl Jung-

  • As society, we are governed by some rules that respond to an ethic of minimums. There are rules that we all must follow so that society may function correctly and whose violation has a legal punishment. The best way to internalize these norms for those who have just incorporated themselves into society is precisely for these new members to participate in the social dynamic and to be able to prove their real need.

The keys to educating a self-sufficient child are not at all complex. You must be patient and persistent, as the child will have a tendency to be absent-minded and not pay much attention. However, with affection and perseverance, you will manage to educate happy and autonomous children.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.