7 Books that Help Overcome Depression

7 Books that Help Overcome Depression
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Books can be an excellent tool when it comes to dealing with depression. They help us understand our worst enemy a little better. They can give us more information about the reason for our persistent suffering and help us apply appropriate strategies to get out, little by little, from that abyss of darkness that separates us from the world.

Admit it, few pathologies are so invading and misunderstood as depression. We face a debilitating mental state where rumination and negative thoughts annihilate our values. Our emotional integrity. Resulting in a very complex and sometimes even contradictory physical symptomology.

“Your emotions should not be paralyzing. You shouldn’t need to defend yourself from them. They should not prevent you from being all you can be.”

-Wayne Dyer

The general population associates depression with stillness, with extreme tiredness, lowered expectations, tears, and lack of appetite. However, curious at it may seem, there are those who express the opposite symptoms. They may be hyperactive and need to keep busy, occupied and immersed in a thousand projects in order to not think, to turn their faces away from that great empty abyss.

We face a disease of complex diagnosis in many cases. A sometimes resistant disorder that requires multiple strategies to deal with. However, we must be clear that depression can be cured. To do so, we have to take a multidimensional approach: the pharmacological level must be added to the psychological, and the psycho-social must be considered, as well as all those strategies that each person, from his personal prism, considers that can help.

Here we have, for example, mindfulness, sport, correct diet, artistic therapies, animal therapies, etc. All of these tools are at our disposal. Also, we have books to overcome depression that are undoubtedly an essential piece to better understand what is happening to us. 


The best books to overcome depression

The WHO estimates that depression affects more than 300 million people. Moreover, it warns that these figures will continue to increase in the future if we do not take a new approach to mental health. We know, for example, that the rate of diagnoses is rising among the young. Every day, there are more children and adolescents who develop some type of mood disorder and, with them, suicide attempts.

We are, therefore, facing a medical and social need of the highest degree. Health professionals and different political and social bodies are responsible for leading the changes necessary to combat this rising level of mood disorders. The rest of the population must also assume the obligation of developing a deeper understanding of the disease in order to detect it, either in the person or in their personal circle.

Books about overcoming depression are, without a doubt, a good tool for achieving this.

1. Goodbye, Depression by Enrique Rojas

Dr. Enrique Rojas, professor of Psychiatry and director of the Spanish Institute of Psychiatric Research, has already published more than 15 books. His approach to depression is simple, valuable, and very profound.

With this book we can understand, for example, the history of depression. Misunderstood for a long time and misdiagnosed for even longer, Dr. Rojas invites us on a journey of psychological discernment which will give light to much of this darkness.

Through real clinical cases, we will discover the variety of symptoms depression has. We will also see the different strategies used to achieve healing. This is, without a doubt, one of the best books for overcoming depression.

Enrique Rojas

2. Depression in Children and Adolescents, by Victoria del Barrio and Miguel Angel Carrasco

We pointed out earlier that the rate of diagnosis in the younger population is increasing. Something is happening. There is a crack that is growing and that escapes us. A series of needs that demand our attention and that we must address as soon as possible.

To achieve this, there is nothing better than this book. In it, we will discover the latest advances on this issue in the past 50 years. we will understand the bases of this disorder, the risk factors, prevention strategies, and the different approaches that exist.

It is a very complete and helpful book for parents, educators, and mental health professionals that work with youth.

3. The Mindful way through Depression, by Mark Williams

Mindfulness is topical for several reasons. Williams’ philosophy, his techniques for meditation, and the concept of mindfulness are very useful for this modern society so saturated with stimuli. Where many people are so far from their own being, their own emotional and existential needs.

With this book, we place mindfulness as a complementary strategy to address depression. We will learn to put mindfulness into practice to obtain more satisfaction from life, adopt new mentalities, and improve the quality of our relationships.

overcome depression

4. Secrets of Motivation, by Jose Antonio Marina

Lighting the spark of motivation can take us, little by little, out of the dark tunnel of depression. Reconstructing our illusions, renewing our objectives, and assuming a realistic but positive vision of our closes horizon are all keys in finding ourselves better each day.

This is another of the books to overcome depression that cannot be left off the list. Being motivated, experiencing this state of mind again, is a great step towards healing.

5. Cognitive Therapy of Depression, by Aaron T. Beck

Another book that is, without a doubt, essential. It is already in it’s 20th edition and is considered a must-read classic. Cognitive therapy is one of the most effective when it comes to treating depression, and in the pages of this work, drawn from Beck’s own work and collaborations with other researchers and patients, we will discover the interesting steps to the entire therapeutic process.

Also, we will learn to differentiate myths or false ideas about the disease from essential truths that we should always keep in mind.

6. Depression in Women, by Emilce Dio Bleichmar

This book focuses specifically on how women can overcome depression. It is written by the doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst Emilce Dio Bleichmar. In it, we will learn why this type of disorder has a higher prevalence in females, what the risk factors are, and which techniques can be most helpful.


7. Depression is Contagious, by Michael Yapko

Interesting and useful, Depression is Contagious teaches us that this disease can sometimes act as a “virus”. This is something we can see in certain families, communities, work environments, and small social microworlds where the type of communication, emotional climate, or attitude can be devastating for its members.

The WHO considers depression an epidemic. However, we must also see it as a “virus” that is sometimes transmitted in certain environments such as the family.

To conclude, we must mention that this list is very limited. However, the books proposed here can serve as a starting point. They invite us to know the origins of this disease, how they affect different population groups, and which therapeutic approaches are the most effective. It is in our hands, therefore, to be active agents in this process. Either in our own healing, or in detecting the symptoms in those around us.

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