6 Keys to Educating Your Kids with Love

6 Keys to Educating Your Kids with Love

Last update: 31 October, 2016

One of the biggest responsibilites in our lives is raising our kids. In order to help our kids develop and have the potential for a happy, healthy life, we must teach them how to love and be loved.

Therefore, it is important to remember that you have to push yourself in a healthy manner, seeking to develop within your child the best things you can find within yourself. Today I will share six keys to educating your kids with love.

“We can’t mold our children based on our desires. We should be with them and love them as God made them.”

1. Give them the gift of sharing the greatness of life 

Life lets you be vulnerable, and at the same time it facilitates love as a medium to not feel insecure in the face of the unknown. This allows us to grow and learn. Sharing with your child this way of understanding and enjoying life provides them with emotional tools for when they feel fear, anguish and pain.

In addition, they will know that all of these emotions form a part of their personal growth. A growth in which you can enjoy the potential that allows you to not feel disconnected from your true self, and therefore, never feel that you are alone in the world.

2. Help them verbally express their own emotions 

Kids must be able to experience each one of the emotions with which we human beings live on a daily basis, both the positive ones as well as the ones that are “less good”.

Here it is essential to remember that the emotions we experience in our day to day lives are treasures. Hence, we have to explain to our kids that they are all normal, and sometimes they can take over our body, and that this is a necessary part of our emotional development.

Talk with your child and share with them about your own emotions. By developing in this manner, they will be able to differentiate between rage and desperation, between disappointment and sadness. They will have learned how to control and manage their emotions, expressing them appropriately.

parents watering children with love

3. Teach them to take care of themselves and be aware of the people around them 

It’s great for them to take an active part in the daily chores within your home. This way they’ll be able to feel responsible and self-sufficient. They will feel valid and will respect themselves and the people around them.

We can share with them the importance of personal hygiene and knowing how to take care of their bodies. When we accept from a young age that our bodies are more than a physical medium, we will then be able to reach our full potential. We can feel in balance with ourselves as a whole when we start to embark upon maturity.

4. Show them the potential of their creativity 

We live in an era where we long ago set out to isolate the fascinating power of art in our day to day lives. Many studies prove that music, rhythm and dance are universal languages, which allow us to develop the control of our bodies in a conscientious and balanced manner.

The practice of any artistic activity in your child’s everyday routine will allow for their healthy psychomotor development. Urge them to feel free during every movement. Don’t let them be afraid to do things wrong.

5. Be a constant role model for them 

Facilitate an environment where your kids can share their moments and experiences with intelligent, brave, strong, talented and honorable people. This will help them grow as people, instilling core values into their lives.

Share your life with them and share the pivotal moments of great characters in history: how they lived, how they become who they are and the importance of their inner beauty in order to achieve everything they accomplished. Teach them that true talent and greatness can be found within us, not externally.

6. Teach them to say thanks and to be grateful 

mother and son at the beach

Human beings are characterized for being sociable. When those around us are happy, we are more likely to feel good. Saying “thank you” and “please” is a gift in our day to day.

When it comes time to educate your kids, sharing the importance of helping others is a vital part of promoting their human side, ultimately their essence and greatness as a person. They will also learn the importance of cooperation and the bitter side of egoism, or the need to please others automatically in order to fill fulfilled in the future.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.