5 Things to Say to End Any Argument

5 Things to Say to End Any Argument
Gema Sánchez Cuevas

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Gema Sánchez Cuevas.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Some people think that “arguments are the death of conversation,” like Emil Ludwig. But others believe that arguments may even be a positive thing, and avoidable. Could this be true? Let’s try to find some answers.

Professor Javier Escrivá Ivars is director of the Masters in Marriage and Family at the University of Navarra, and professor at the University of Valencia. He believes that arguing is good, but fighting is destructive. That is to say, in an argument, we shouldn’t break certain rules. Especially if we don’t want to make this exchange of opinions turn destructive. And in order to do so, there are certain phrases that can be extremely useful.

Up next, we are going to give you some expressions that can nip an argument in the bud before it turns into a fight. But of course, these aren’t cure-all magic wands. So don’t forget, if the conversation heats up, as professor Excrivá Ivars says, try to bring out your humility and generosity. And don’t ever forget about empathy.

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