5 Secrets of People Who Suffer from Anxiety

5 Secrets of People Who Suffer from Anxiety

Last update: 11 July, 2016

Anxiety is one of the worst feelings that people can experience. When combined with stress, it turns into an affliction that’s very hard to deal with.

When people with anxiety feel threatened, visualize something negative happening, or feel pressured, they worry about how to face the situation in the best way possible.

“Free yourself from anxiety. Think that whatever’s mean to happen will happen naturally.”

-Facundo Cabral-

Anxiety is a normal reaction, but there are a lot of secrets hidden inside it. People feel awful when they experience it, and the worst part is that they’re not understood by people who don’t suffer from it.

1. They need compassion

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People who suffer from anxiety are sometimes seen as crazy. Because of this, they feel misunderstood, and they don’t know who to go to when they need to vent their feelings.

This is a naturally occurring problem that often has no explanation. I suffer from anxiety and I don’t know why, since there are many factors that can influence its development. That’s why people like me need compassion. Someone who will listen to them without judgment, contempt, or criticism.

You don’t have to understand them. Since if you’ve never suffered from this problem, it’s probably hard for you to put yourself in their shoes. But make sure they know you are there for them, that they have you by their side. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, this will help them immensely.

2. They can’t escape when it attacks

If we’re cornered by something that makes us worry and we can’t escape, how can we get out of this situation that’s only making our anxiety worse? Remember that people who suffer from anxiety didn’t choose to. It arises from a series of factors that result in a state of distress that’s very difficult for others to understand.

It’s impossible to escape, no matter how hard they try. Nothing can free them from the feeling that chases them wherever they go, like a shadow. What’s the solution? They need to face the thing that’s making them anxious. Escaping is impossible, so all they can do is figure out where the problem is coming from and try to solve it.

3. Even the simplest things overwhelm them

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Anxiety robs people of their energy, until its power is so great that any little thing can overwhelm them. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes, but when faced with little things that shouldn’t cause any amount of stressthis is not typical.

Why does this happen? Because the anxiety is so persistent that they can’t deal with it, and it consumes them.

“You were born to be free. Don’t be a slave to anything or anyone. Don’t let anxiety consume your life.

-Bernardo Stamateas-

4. They worry about unusual things

Just like any little thing can put them in a state of incredible worry, seemingly insignificant details can also affect them.

This shouldn’t normally happen, but because they’re surrounded by constant worry, they get ahead of things and start to visualize what could happen next.

The fear that comes with anxiety makes it so that their visualizations are usually quite negative. And this kind of thinking produces even more anxiety.

They really can’t avoid it, and that’s why they need people who can be understanding. They always predict what will happen, which brings on anxiety as they start to prepare for the fear that they’re so aware of.

5. Their fears are real

You might be surprised at the kinds of fears that anxiety provokes in some people, but even if you don’t understand or share they’re feelings, that doesn’t mean that they’re not real. As a matter of fact, they’re very real. They’re real in their minds, which causes the reaction that they can’t escape from.

They think that they can’t control their fears, and in fact, their fears control them, which causes them more fear and worry.

“You’re a victim of your own mind.”


If you suffer from anxiety, you know perfectly well that if you think you can’t control a situation or overcome a fear, this is how it will be. Everything you believe becomes reality.

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Don’t let this happen. Learn to understand people with anxiety, or your own anxiety if you suffer from it. You can’t escape from the sources of your anxiety, so try to figure out where it comes from. That’s the only way you’ll start to resolve it and face your fears. Are you ready?

Images courtesy of Christian Schloe and Surreal art

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