5 Lessons about Depression

5 Lessons about Depression

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Depression doesn’t give you a heads up: it can show up in the blink of an eye. Although some symptoms may occur (even some well in advance), the difference between having tendencies and experiencing the actual condition is the same as being a step away from a deep hole and actually falling into one. It can happen right after experiencing an immense joy or right when you believed you’d achieved everything you ever wanted.

The look in a child’s eye, observing a sunset or other everyday events, seemingly friendly and comforting, or even inconsequential, these can lead to the crisis. For example, recapping our lives or evoking a specific fact of our existence, which still has unresolved points. That’s when the storm begins, one which up until this point had remained dormant.

sad woman covering face

Don’t worry. That is to say, don’t anticipate a concern which will cause you anxiety without becoming uninvolved or apathetic to situations and problems associated with our existence. Worrying about the future and impotence in the face of uncertainty and the vicissitudes of life, these frequently lead us to a state of recurrent fear. And this can lead us to a deep depression.

Existence can alter between confusing and difficult. That’s why it’s vital that we not depend as much on circumstances: on what may or may not happen.

The important thing is to grow within our personal structure on a daily basis. Because with this, no matter how difficult or adverse a situation may be, we’ll be able to resolve it and not remain stuck in a maze of doubts and mistakes. Or, even worse, add even more debt to our lives…

Analyzing my characteristics and the conditions of my life with good sense and objectivity grants me the opportunity of knowing who I am. Because if I don’t know myself, I’m just like a leaf being tossed around by the wind: without a set direction, judgement or decision-making power. Identifying my strengths and weaknesses will let me know what terrains I can handle and which I can’t.

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