5 Fascinating Micro Stories to Help You Imagine and Dream

5 Fascinating Micro Stories to Help You Imagine and Dream

Last update: 23 March, 2018

There are many micro stories that can help us imagine and dream. The interesting thing about them is that a good part of them are stories in the strict sense of the word. They have an introduction, a middle and an end. Characters, space and time. All condensed into a few sentences.

There are many great writers who have written micro stories. In the blink of an eye they transport us to a world of fiction and amaze us with their witty, yet disconcerting, endings. They are true magicians of the word.

These micro stories for us to imagine and dream with are a balm for the mind and the heart. They invite us to look at things from another point of view. They have the capacity to give a new perspective to familiar situations. Here is a brief collection of these little jewels of literature.

“God has not yet created the world; he is only imagining it, as if between dreams. That’s why the world is perfect, but confusing. “

-Juan José Arreola-

1. Who’s dreaming of who?

The following is a wonderful short story by Ana María Shua. It says, “Wake up, it’s late, a strange man shouts at me from the door. You wake up, you’re the one that needs to, I answer him. But that stubborn man just keeps on dreaming.”

This story places us on the threshold of reality. It blurs the thin line between being asleep and waking up. It is one of those stories that can make you imagine and dream, simply because it opens the world of the surreal up to us.

Micro stories, whale floating in the sky

2. One of the best micro stories to help us to imagine and dream

There is a PhD Thesis in Literature dedicated to this short story by Jorge Luis Borges. It really is extraordinary. It says, “In Sumatra, someone wants to get a doctorate as a fortune teller. The wizard examiner asks him if he will pass or fail. The candidate answers that he will fail… “

What Borges does here is to play with logic and create a paradox with enormous ingenuity. The proposition is fascinating, because it places the characters and readers at a crossroads. You just don’t know who is playing with who.

3. The problem of the blind man

The following is one of the many micro stories that Alejandro Jodorowsky has given us to imagine and dream about. It says, “A blind man, with his white cane, in the middle of the desert cries out because there are no obstacles to help him on his way”.

In this case we also have a paradox. The blind man must dodge obstacles in order to move forward. They are a barrier for him, but they also constitute a point of reference. He discovers this only when they aren’t there.

Micro stories, glasses on a mountain

4. The lack of love, an eternal theme

Tales of love always have unexpected outcomes. At least the good ones do. In this short story by Gaspar Camerarius, which is halfway between poetry and narration, the imprint of heartbreak is perfectly drawn. It says, “I have been so many men, but I’ve never been the one in whose embrace Matilde Urbach fainted.

You could say it sums up a whole life in just a couple of sentences. It synthesizes the idea of ​​the multiple changes that exist around us. We are one and we are many – we have been so many people. At the same time it shows that something has been lacking. He has been in many people’s shoes, except those where he is loved by someone special.

5. The orphan’s request

The most extraordinary thing in all these micro stories to imagine and dream is the way they challenge our day to day logic. With great grace they show us that there are edges of reality that interconnect.

Sheets forming waves

We see this in a mini story by Carlos Monsivais, “And then there was the nine-year-old boy who killed his parents and asked the judge for clemency because he was an orphan.” In this story two realities that are coherent on one level and contradictory on another are intertwined. The murderer claims to be a victim. And he is. However, he is mainly a victim of his own actions.

These micro stories for us to imagine and dream are there for us to enjoy. They are like doors that open us up to other dimensions of thought. Their main value is that they help us see things with different eyes. Eyes that fill us with intelligence, wisdom and sensitivity.

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