5 Chinese Proverbs About Love

5 Chinese Proverbs About Love

Last update: 15 August, 2019

It is curious that a country like China, always so tormented by wars, conflicts and dictatorships, should be the source of so much popular wisdom. So, today we are going to take a little tour through some Chinese proverbs about love.

Chinese proverbs don’t tend to be especially focused on love, romance and relationships. Their purpose is usually to find meaning in life, to find wisdom or to explain human behavior. However, there are some examples that concern the heart which are truly beautiful. Let’s see.

The most beautiful Chinese love proverbs

“People fix their hair everyday, why not the heart?”

This is one of the most simple yet most symbolic Chinese proverbs about romantic relationships. In general, most of us find it quite easy to take a look in the mirror and to look good. We wear elegant clothes, we tidy our hair and we put on our best smile.

It isn’t difficult to look good. In fact, each day, more and more people spend hours and hours in front of the mirror trying to improve their appearance. But, what if we spent part of this time focusing on fixing our heart?

Have you ever stopped to think how your life would change if you put less focus on looking good physically and put more on your personal relationships? I would say that the wisdom and brilliance of this Chinese proverb is right there: it invites people to focus more on caring for their inner world and less on the physical surface.

“Lasting feelings lead to lasting consequences”

Life goes past at great speed. We are constantly exposed to a huge quantity of information and stimuli. However, there is one thing that doesn’t change: love. The deeper it is, the deeper its consequences. This is one of the most beautiful Chinese love proverbs because it refers to the good consequences of our feelings.

The more sincere and deeper our feelings, the sweeter and longer-lasting will be the fruits.

This can be difficult when we live in a society of fleeting moments and instant gratification. The buy and throw away culture is in fashion. This is why this proverb is so useful, because the long-term is still much more beneficial in the majority of cases, including in the emotional sphere.

“The heart never speaks, but you have to listen to it to understand”

It is true that our heart is not able to speak, but…for a good listener, few words are necessary. We often find it difficult to allow ourselves to be led by how we feel. However, sometimes it is necessary to be less rational and untie the knots of logic.

This proverb is very sensible. Trying to explain feelings in words is not always easy and it is often simpler to let ourselves be led by our emotions. If we constantly use logic, we will lose an important part of ourselves.

“Love cannot be begged for, it must be deserved”

When we have to ask for something related to our feelings, we may well be getting something wrong. You cannot go to someone and beg them to love you, because you are very likely to fail in the attempt. However, if you make yourself someone who deserves the love of another, the possibilities increase hugely.

Don’t ask others if they want to love you. Love them directly and be deserving of their deepest feelings.

“He who fears suffering is already suffering from fear”

This last Chinese proverb is not focused specifically on love but is closely related. How many people do you know who don’t dare start a new relationship for fear of pain and suffering? But this wise proverb makes it very clear. If you are so afraid of pain, in reality you are already suffering pain.

Your own fear, whether it be of loving, starting something or exploring new paths, is already a pit of negativity that is causing you terror.

These Chinese proverbs about love transmit traces of marvelous wisdom in their words. In reality, the majority of what happens in our life depends on us. If we are fearful, if we are afraid of taking that first step, if we are distant and artificial and we don’t listen to our heart, we will rarely find people who satisfy us.

These popular sayings are just a reminder. Being happy, having more love and enjoying greater fulfillment in life is in the hands of each person.

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