4 Ways to Develop Your Relationship with Yourself

4 Ways to Develop Your Relationship with Yourself

Last update: 28 July, 2022

There are many positive experiences in life and they aren’t all complicated. In short, there are emotions and feelings that you can generate with simplicity. These can enhance your being in order to learn to live beautifully.

We each must take responsibility for ourselves in order to evolve “for the better.” Thus, it is important to remember the importance of your personal needs. If you do not value, look after and support yourself, you are not showing yourself respect. You are, therefore, sabotaging your vital essence.

We can take care of our own needs. But, at the same time, we can care about the needs of those around us. This will give you more ability to encourage yourself and those who love you, and leave you free to enjoy the four experiences that we all deserve to enjoy. 

“Only from a place of inner tranquility, man was able to discover and build peaceful environments.”
Stephen Gardiner

Live in the present, spending time with the appropriate people

It’s the magic of the present that lets us feel alive. This involves feeling with the heart and focusing on the here and now. Don’t constantly plan for the future and await it.


The present is the only moment that’s guaranteed. Yet we constantly let it pass us by. We aren’t even fully aware of it. To live more in the present moment, spend time with people and activities that make you feel alive and authentic.

Treasure the positive lessons of your mistakes 

You are the master of your own existence. Nowadays emotional states such as anxiety and stress are more and more common. These arise when we don’t take care of ourselves.

In order to overcome them successfully we must have the basic tools to understand ourselves. Trying to be perfect and avoiding mistakes also generates anxiety, and only blocks and keeps us from being ourselves.

Mistakes are a gift, as they are the stepping stones of progress. Making mistakes indicates that we are on the right track, striving and trying without giving up. Aim towards taking risks, dare to step out of your comfort zone. And if you fall, get up. Perhaps one of those mistakes is the way to your greatest achievement.

Be honest with yourself by facing your issues with humility 

When we talk about honesty we are referring to that capacity which allows us to realize what is right. It tells us what is wrong as well, and what we want or need to change. Be honest about what you want and who were in the past. Draw lessons from it. This allows you to evolve positively.


Lying to yourself only leads to disrespect and to not being consistent. The person who will always be by your side is you. Accept this. Also, if you allow yourself to be consistent with yourself, you will be able to get to know yourself better. You will prevent your problems from defining you.

We often complain that things are not going as well as we would like, overlooking the important fact that our problems will not disappear unless we take action. “Do what you can, when you can, and recognize what you’ve done.” Take small steps in the direction you deem correct, even if it involves a small setback to gain momentum.

Start being much nicer towards your own being 

How you treat and love yourself sets the standard for others around you. The love you have for the world has to originate from within your own self. Do not expect anyone else to do it.

Pretending to be what others want you to be or trying to satisfy all of their needs only leads you to lose who you really are. Do not stray from your essence. Hug yourself. Be honest with yourself, and always put your heart into whatever you undertake.

“Perfect tranquility consists in the good order of the mind, in your own kingdom.”
Marcus Aurelius

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