3 Morning Habits to Control Your Anxiety

3 Morning Habits to Control Your Anxiety

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Anxiety may seem like it distorts us and keeps us away from our “ideal life.” But, this state can help you understand who you are and what you need. So, viewing anxiety as a wake-up call will make us reflect on some habits that may directly or indirectly be feeding it.

It is true that anxiety often doesn’t grow past a dull, constant and monotonous noise that we end up isolating somewhere in our consciousness. However, much as we ignore it, it exists. And we will truly notice the freedom when it is no longer around.

The early morning hours represent our starting point. The minutes that will create the momentum for the rest of your day. If we are already upset or perform our first tasks in a rush, we’ll hardly be able to reduce this level of stress throughout the day. Breaking a pattern is always harder than creating one from scratch.

Today we’ll share with you 3 morning habits that will help you start your day with a clear mind. These will keep you far from any hectic pace, from rushing behind the clock.

“At one point I felt hounded by anxiety. But I got rid of the fear by studying the sky. By determining when the moon would come out. Figuring out where the morning sun would come up. “
Louise Bourgeois 

Take some time to reflect with a hot beverage

We’re referring to carrying out activities as well as having moments of silence. These moments will allow you to connect with your thoughts, with yourself, and your vital essence. Make time to “reconnect” with what you want to feel throughout the day. This will allow you to easily separate the tensions that may arise.


Accompany this moment of “reflection” with yourself with a hot beverage, such as a cup of tea or herbal infusion. Tea will help you calm your mind for the day up ahead. Additionally, you will be able to easily associate this moment of relaxation with yourself, with disconnecting. You will be able to use it when you feel like you’re starting to drift towards a state of anxiety.

Stretch your body and balance your mind

Stretching your body as soon as you wake up allows your body to prepare itself for the actions that are to come. Thus, you will become accustomed to listening to what it needs. Listen to how you are and how you are going to feel. It is important that you worry about your body as well as your mind.

For this, you can perform activities such as yoga, tai-chi or any physical exercise, always in a moderate manner. Besides allowing your muscles to stretch, these activities provide you with mental and physical exercises that will help you find your balance. Thus, providing you with great vital improvements.

Dedicate time to your emotions and your proposed goals for the day

Organize your mind as soon as you wake up. This way we allow ourselves to adapt to the tasks we have planned for the day. You can take some time to revise the goals you plan to accomplish, even to determine how you would like to feel. By doing this you will be generating more important positive changes.


You can also create an emotional diary researching and writing down how you’re feeling throughout the day. This way you will understand how your emotional system works. It will help you implement different resources that will prevent you from reaching an anxious state. That feeling of an inner block that the highest points of anxiety pose.

“Anxiety with fear and fear with anxiety contribute to robbing human beings of their most essential qualities. One of them is reflection.”
-Konrad Lorenz-

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.