The 13 Types of Love

The 13 Types of Love

Last update: 28 July, 2022

We live in a society that has unconsciously created rules for something as sacred, natural and beautiful as love and its workings. We feel pressure to follow certain guidelines to how we should live and experience it.

There are endless habits and customs that many couples maintain, but fortunately, every love is different. And there isn’t only one type that we should live and experience.

It would be fascinating and beautiful to experience each one of them or to combine some of them in our relationships. It would probably bring us even closer together.


The 13 types of love

  1. Sentimental love. This type is the most sincere and immersed in expressions. Here, feelings play the starring roles.
  2. Passionate love. The type you see in movies: strong, deep and intense.
  3. The type that lasts forever. This type occurs in relationships in which love stays latent but alive for both people, whether they are together or not. When they reunite, love fills their shared space and their entire beings.
  4. Brave love. The type that can overcome any obstacle, barrier and adversity, such as long distance relationships. It doesn’t matter if the world is against such an authentic type of love. They’ll be able to brace it through to the end.
  5. Unrequited love. The type that hurts to go through, but it provides the best kind of repeated experience: learning.
  6. Unexpected love. This type can be summarized into this lovely phrase: “Love is like a butterfly. If you try to grab it, it’ll fly away. But when you least expect it, it will simply land of your shoulder and stay there.” That’s what unexpected love is all about. It arrives when you least expect or are prepared to experience it, testing the bravest soles to venture down its path. You weren’t looking for it. You may not even want it, but it came knocking on your door. And it came to make you happy.
  7. Loyal love. Your friend, who you have hurt many times by turning down their advances, is still fighting and will keep doing so to make you happy and win your love. He probably cares for you like no one ever has before. He looks into your eyes, his filled with love, waiting for you to one day say “yes.” He will always be there.
  8. Crazy love. The type that makes us feel like fools. You’ll find yourself saying things you never thought would come out of your mouth. You fight with your significant other over silly things. But you’ll always end up with a smile on your face, realizing what a fascinating and crazy love you felt.
  9. The summer fling. Many of us know this type very well. It’s short and intense. While you experience it, you don’t think about the future. The only thing that counts is the moment at hand and making it last. The distressing farewell at the end of the summer is just another part of this type of love.
  10. The first love. How it happened, where or with who doesn’t matter. It will always be your first love, an inerasable memory in your heart. This is probably one of the most sincere types we can experience.
  11. True love. You either meet the love of your life when you’re young, or you simply know that you haven’t found them yet. When it happens, the feeling is incomparable to any other type of love you have ever experienced.
  12. Shy love. Both people feel it. They’re dying to start a relationship, to give all of their love away, but they don’t work up the courage. They both remain silent.
  13. Blind love. One of the most precious and sincere kinds, in my opinion. The kind of love only the heart can see.

And you, what kind of love do you feel?

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