10 Tips To Change Up Your Sex Life

January 15, 2019

Sex is a big part of our lives as couples; it’s true that at the beginning of relationships, the passion and desire are stronger, and over time, its normal for that to change or even lessen a bit. But having sex with our partner is another form of communicating, feeling closer, and we should never make sex a routine as the years go by, or let it be set aside.

Sex is healthy, for our body and our mind. It helps us release stress, feel alive and revitalized, injects positive energy in our bodies and helps us sleep better. Talking naturally about sex and expressing ourselves openly and with confidence to our partner helps us feel happier, and make the person we’ve chosen to have these moments with happy, as well.

If you’re going through a rough patch with your partner, change it up; take a hike, talk to each other (communication is fundamental to every couple, and no matter how long you’ve been together, there are always things left unsaid.), laugh about old times, give them a kiss on the cheek, remember why you fell in love, tell them why you love them. Rest assured the sex will come on its own, shortly after.


Intimate couple


Some things are better than sex, and some are worse, but there’s nothing exactly like it
-WC. Fields-

10 Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life:

  1. Get in the tub. There’s nothing more erotic than having a bath or a shower together. For extra ambiance, light a few candles and use aromatherapy to your advantage.
  2. Play with your food. Bringing food into the bedroom can be really fun and sexy. If you’ve never tried it, go for it!
  3. Role play. Meet at a bar or a park and act like you don’t know each other. Start talking and say whatever comes to you; this can turn into a great time.
  4. Give each other a massage. Both men and women love getting massages, and it’s a great place to start…You’ll love it. However, do make sure you ask your partner what they enjoy; a foot massage can be sensual for one person, but a turn-off for another, for example.
  5. Have phone sex. Call them and talk about what you want to do to each other. When you see each other the mood will be set. An erotic call, email or WhatsApp message can be more than stimulating.
  6. Do a striptease. Practically everyone likes a striptease; for women it usually makes us laugh, which is a great way to start…and for men it’s typically very erotic. Put on some music and create a nice ambience and have fun with it!
  7. Go somewhere else. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home…the washing machine, the rug, and the dining table are a great way of escaping a routine.
  8. Fast. Take a few days or a week to have abstain from all physical contact. Even kisses are off limits. Just talk. You’ll see results the next day!
  9. Dress the part. Don’t skimp on clothing for these. Sex is communicated in a lot of ways: scents, visuals, whispers, affection…
  10. Cuddle. Whether you’re home on the couch or on a park bench in public, snuggling close and showing your affection can be a great prelude for what comes later…

What other great ideas do you have?